Best Sci-fi Movies of 1998


The Top Ten

1 Deep Rising

Very cool Sci-Fi/Horror but still... very underrated. They shoul've made a sequel. Famke Janssen is so hot here - Alexandr

2 Sphere

Many people hate this movie but I disagree. It was awesome Sci-Fi/Drama with elements of philosophy - Alexandr

Very confusing story, that what I love about this movie

3 The X-Files - Fight the Future

Not as good as T.V. series but still great story about our lovely Mulder and Scully. - Alexandr

4 Soldier

Very underrated blockbuster with Kurt Russell - Alexandr

5 Armageddon

Well-known classic from the 90's. Bruce Willis rules! - Alexandr

6 Deep Impact

Great disaster drama with amazing Tea Leoni - Alexandr

7 Lost in Space

Entertaining adventures. Not as bad as critics said - Alexandr

8 Dark City
9 Disturbing Behavior

Just watch this film - very cool! - Alexandr

10 The Truman Show

Impressive and touching. Jim Carrey was great in it - Alexandr

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