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21 Predator

A gripping franchise like that of Alien, which saw it way rise to the top with Action Figures, Sequels, Comics etc - roblist

What get this higher

22 Transformers

I can't vote all two of the Transformers movies except the Dark of the Moon I don't like! Megan Fox did great in two of these movies even though she can't continue the third movie because of Michael Bay's anoyying experience on making it way more action. Its like he's trying to beat Avatar and Terminator by making famous directors jealous!

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23 E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
24 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Wow THIS LOW this is a great movie and it's the most modern star wars up to date! Don't get me wrong I like the originals, but they were just a few people tapping swords in ightsaber fights. Also episode lll revenge of the sith had genral grievous and showed the best villain and why he became who he is... Darth vader. this episode/ movie is way to underrated

25 The Terminator

Good combination of story and action

Overshadowed by its sequel

26 Stalker
27 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Terrible movie

Do you know why I put my money on this one?
Best cgi, Best plot, Awesome actors, Most money out of all Star Wars films so far

28 Godzilla
29 The Thing

The Thing is AWESOME! Way better than the first Alien film. Why is it down here?!

30 Transformers: Dark of the Moon
31 The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
32 Mad Max: Fury Road

Best movies of 2015! Best Mad Max movie of the franchise! Best George Miller movies so far!

33 Jurassic World
34 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
35 Back to the Future Part II
36 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This movie is straight trash, perhaps the worst Star Wars ever made. Finn and rose's romance was terrible even worse than anakin and padme. the characters were extremely shower and logic was totally thrown out to further the plot. the constant jokes made it feel like an avengers movie. I can't believe anybody actually liked this film. and then there's the mother space walrus/cow crap that was probably the most disgusting thing I've seen in film since the Human Centipede. Disney is really destroying the Star Wars franchise with this one - Monarc6

37 District 9

Fokin Prawns

38 The Avengers
39 Ghostbusters
40 Back to the Future Part III
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