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1 Doctor Who Doctor Who The Doctor a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, he travels around in his time machine called The TARDIS which stands for time and relative dimensions in space. The show was first broadcast on 23rd November 1963 one day after JFK was assassinated! The show has since more.

Best sci fi show ever... nothing will replace it when it's gone... I hope it'll last as long as the original

I love this show! However I thought David Tennant was better at playing the doctor than the current actor. I give this #1 for sure. After which comes Farscape. Both really good shows.

Trust me when I tell you this, Doctor Who is the best show I have ever seen. Yes, I have finished Breaking Bad, The X Files (seen season 10), seen Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and the Office, but nothing even comes close to Doctor Who. It's charming, funny, emotional, and just an awesome series. Go watch Heaven Sent, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, or Listen and try to tell me they're not masterpieces of storytelling. While not as much hard sci fi as the X files, most of the best stories like the ones I listed above employ many sci fi elements. Aside from the best episodes, it's an awesome ride from start to finish. It might have cheesy moments every once in a while, but that just makes it more charming.

10/10. Unparalleled in the television world

Doctor Who is totally fiction, but makes sense of everything, so it all seems so real! (When I first watched this I refused to sleep by myself for months! I was certain that a Cyberman would jump out of my closet at any moment! )This is a great show for kids and adults alike! I love the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) most, and I also love Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), and Amy Pond (Karen Gillian)! Doctor...Who?

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2 The X-Files The X-Files

Doctor Who is the best Sci-Fi T.V. show, it ran for more than 50 years and it's still running and it's still good, it's the last good T.V. show ever to exist and it has the biggest fanbase of any T.V. show ever to be made, The X-Files is not as good as a matter of fact and ran way shorter, yet it isn't as popular or heart warming.

The X Files forever! It's the most amazing show ever! And Mulder and Scully - best romantic couple!

TXF is the first sci-fi show with movies - and both of them are something really surprising - you have to have a head on your shoulders to understand them!

The X-Files is the best show ever! Kim Manners started on this show, and then Supernatural. Then it inspired a Supernatural episode. This show has open the barriers for shows of this nature and is still mentioned or copied off of. And not just Sci-Fi things either... - 2shy

Not the best, but one of the best, The best sci-fi show ever made is Doctor Who, which ran for more than 50 years, beating The X-Files. - nelsonerica


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3 Star Trek

It's Star Trek. It's THE mother of all other sci-fi series... And who can say he doesn't like their mother? Just go to any Star Trek convention and feel the cult around you. Resistance is futile!

The Star Trek pilot aired in 1964 so in fact it is only a year younger than Doctor Who. The original series is the benchmark for all shows that came after it.

Yes, Star Trek is old, but Doctor Who aired three years before it. Still an amazing show.

Captain's log: stardate 2017.08 We have spotted an outrageous list with star trek in third place. I have ordered phasers to stand by and to issue red alert. Resistance is futile. Beam me up. Live long and prosper. Prepare to issue mass murder on the redshirts. star trek number 1? Make it so.

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4 Supernatural Supernatural This haunting series follows the thrilling yet terrifying journeys of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who face an increasingly sinister landscape as they hunt monsters. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious more.

There's no sci. Fic. Show can ever compete with supernatural. It's the best and there's no doubt about that. JENSEN ACKLES IS SO TALENTED people try to notice that he's so great.

great storyline, acting, suspense, comedy, horror, very simple to understand and keeps getting better as each season goes by. - afex

The best sci-fic show ever! Jensen Ackles is incredibly talented and Supernatural wouldn't BE Supernatural without him.

What idiot put this show on this list? supernatural is not science fiction, there's nothing remotely scientific about it. It's a fantasy show about demons and monster and has nothing to do with the science fiction genre.

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5 Stargate SG-1

I would like to see more of stargate with the old actors init. dc

Definitely my favourite Sci fi franchise, loved SG1, just started watching it all again, Atlantis was better looking visually, both had great casts with a mix of humour and action they were and are great.

While I bought and watched "Stargate universe" it is the worst part of the franchise. They try to make a Battlestar galactica/Voyager clone, I only enjoyed a few episodes of the two seasons.

I watched every episode of this from start to finish in about a month. I couldn't stop. It would be 3 in the morning, id have to go to work a 7 and id still watch 1 more episode. I couldn't help myself. Call me sad, I call it dedication

Amazing show once you get into it. The original cast is just so likable, it's impossible to be bored. Every epidose has an interesting and engaging concept. I love other shows too (Star trek, Doctor who, x-files, Lost in Space (lol, jk)), but Stargate has something that just keeps me watching over and over.

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6 Firefly

This is the best sci fi T.V. serial I have ever seen. Unfortunately it has been stopped after first season. It should be number one. People who have seen it definitely agree with me. So fan of the firefly vote for it.

This show changed my life - thexg

This show is definitely one of my all time favourites. Such great characters and stories, you can't help but fall in love with the show. Deserved much more than 14 episodes (and a movie).

Best series I've seen.

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7 Battlestar Galactica

The best sci fi show ever( obviously the latter day remake, not the original that was truely terrible)

Utterly fantastic the portrail of Adama is fantastic the writing is amazing the cast is out of this world a truly splendid show

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8 Babylon 5

This was an incredible series. The best aspects are the five year story arc, the writing, and the absolute lack of ridiculous 'relevant' plot arcs.

This was a complete, well-told story -- not a referendum on modern culture or recent history. Most Sci-Fi series rely on using political hot points to infuse their scripts with life, but this one was purely the child of J. Michael Straczynski's imagination, and it lives and breathes on the screen like nothing before or since.

This series has the deepest, most intricate story line of any sci-fi ever created. every episode ended with you wondering what would happen next and this show broke the barrier for ending with everything exactly the same as when the episode started. This show is truly phenomenal and deserves to be #1

If you're not voting for this show, then you haven't watched enough of it. Babylon 5's greatness lies not in the individual episodes, but in it's overall 5 year long tale. It's by far the best I've seen. I'd rate The Twilight Zone and the X-files high too, but Babylon 5 is pure SciFi fulfillment!

Just brilliant T.V. show - one of the greatest Sci-Fi creations ever. Not to mention superb visual effects for that time plus great story, acting... They don't make shows like this anymore. Too bad - Irina2932

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9 The Twilight Zone

This show was so diverse... It was so pertinent for its time and covered so many themes... Was dark, fun, suspenseful and loaded with surprise endings... My favorites were: To serve Man, Nightmare at 20,000 feet, On Thursday we Leave for Home, and Time Enough At Last...

The creator of the X-Files said that without The Twilight Zone, X-Files would never had been made. Both are worthy of the top seat. - mgenet

This show was, by far, the best sci-fi show...tied for second place - The Outer Limits and Star Trek...

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10 Farscape

Many excellent shows here, but I have to spread the Farscape love. It wouldn't have existed without Star Trek, but it was more fun, dark, ambitious and downright entertaining than any other sci-fi of its time.

One of the few shows to have real aliens (not just bumps on the heads), and a compelling story arc.

This show is cool, mostly looks like a drug fueld trip, but still great. - cheetahfur

One of the best sci-fi T.V. shows of all time. They took sci-fi T.V. to another level and those that followed (including a few higher on this list) and had more money to hype their show didn't have nearly the character depth and story range as Farscape.

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? Wayward Pines
? Wayward Pines

This is the greatest T.V. show I have ever seen (at least counting the first season). It has an air of mystery and suspense that rivals, and in some cases, tops that of Twin Peaks. It is extraordinarily intense and has some amazing roles in it. The director perfectly balances mystery with knowledge and doesn't drag out the plot and suspense like other show have been known to do (looking at you Lost). In the end no show can quite top the masterpiece the first season was. The 'big reveal' was so unexpected that most audiences are left with their mouths hanging open in surprise. Absolutely love this show. - Monarc6

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11 Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: The Next Generation more.

This is just a Star Trek series and Star Trek is already on the list.

This is just part of the Star Trek series, which is already on the list.

Better than the Original, that's for sure. - LarkwingFlight

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12 Stargate Atlantis

best show ever, sci fi but doesn'ttake itself too seriously - FATRESS

Best sci fi ever... What amazes me is the role by Dr rodney mckay

Its Action Packed, funny and deserves to be in the top ten

13 Red vs Blue

It has stronger characters then most shows above.

14 Space: Above and Beyond
15 Doctor Who (1963-1989) Doctor Who (1963-1989) The Doctor a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, he travels around in his time machine called The TARDIS which stands for time and relative dimensions in space. The show was first broadcast on 23rd November 1963 one day after JFK was assassinated! The show has since more.

This is the same show as 'Doctor Who' which is up at the top and therefore should not be listed separately. It is unarguably the same show, it just underwent a hiatus. This has been confirmed by the BBC and everyone who has been involved in producing it.

Almost as good as the newer version - Z14thdoctor

16 Power Rangers
17 Star Wars: Clone Wars

Best Show EVER. And that's coming from a High Schooler. Still pissed at Disney for canceling it. Then again, who isn't pissed at Disney?

Disney should've never bought out Star Wars. Then again, this is coming from an autistic girl who can't stand the Star Wars franchise. - PerfectImpulseX

Really good

Very good point Disney Ruined star wars T.V

18 The 4400

Unique show! Should be #2 after The X-Files - Irina2932

19 Terra Nova
20 Alf Alf ALF is an American science fiction sitcom that aired on NBC from September 22, 1986 to March 24, 1990. It was the first television series to be presented in Dolby Surround.

ALF is the best! Put this on number 1. it's my favourite sitcom!

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