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1 How the Universe Works

It's my #1 favorite science show and it totally deserves to be at the top of this list!
I remember getting so excited when the opening music came on

2 How It's Made

Its cool how they show you step by step process to make the final product. And how they show you all the workers doing their job and how their working conditions are - that1guysfrend

It's the best information show as they show you exactly how each of the products are made in the factory, throw in a load of puns and you get a awesome show

Its an awesome show. I am the biggest fan of it. Its just wonderful experience watching how its made

This show is great, I'm 35 years old and have been watching it for as long as I can remember

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3 Through the Wormhole

Anything Morgan Freeman... Other than that. The mind bending theories and physics that are explained in full detail never cease to amaze me. This show makes me FEEL like I am keeping up with the times or "on the scientific cusp" so to speak. Only negative is that I MIGHT have to watch them twice to fully capture some of the concepts... Which I guess would actually be a positive thing. My favorite T.V. show of all time!

Promotes not only scientific contemplation but introspection as well. Something that very few shows are able to accomplish to this degree. As far as I am concerned it is one of if not the best show on cable television today.

4 Factory Made
5 Mythbusters

They are the best. They should be in number 1.

Nothing like it (apart from duck quacks don't echo which always know are going to be true and slightly bias.) this show really surprises you, hands down my favorite.

They are they best should be 1 dumb bumb

6 An Idiot Abroad
7 Monster Bug Wars
8 Punkin Chunkin
9 Head Rush

It is my second best show. It should be at least in top three.

10 Oddities

I really like Mike Ryan and Evan. I think this is a really good show. My kids enjoy it also.

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11 Build It Bigger

Great, great, great... Everyone loves to build something... No matter the size... We are creatures of invention

12 Cosmos

If you are looking for a superior intellectual science show, that isn't just based upon enrapturing mainstream ideas whilst lacking substance to gain an audience, then please watch Cosmos, narrated by the late great Carl Sagan... It is Carl Sagan.

Love Carl Sagan. He brings something unique to his focumentaries that keeps even the bored ones interested. - PositronWildhawk

13 Backyard Science
14 Cosmos: a Spacetime Odyssey

This is a great series from Neil Tyson. Must watch this one.

15 Outrageous Acts of Science

Easily the best show on Science Channel.

Epic. The one word.

16 The Maths Factor

Best show for Mathematics enthusiast for watch out with!

17 Mysteries of the Abandoned
18 Big, Bigger, Biggest
19 F.A.Q.

A very good, fun learning science channel for kids

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1. How the Universe Works
2. How It's Made
3. Through the Wormhole
1. Mythbusters
2. How It's Made
3. Factory Made


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