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21 VertX

I don't know too much about this brand or what it has to do with lucky but they sell some pretty mean scooters and scooter parts

Not very advertised but the have the best decks known to man kind

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22 Proto

Best wheels hands down in the world. there will never be a Comp because every one knows they would win

It's really nice and light

Sick wheels and awesome clamps how is this scooter brand number 23?

Amazing clamps and parts

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23 Royal

So awesome and bulletproof

Pretty good. A lot of people say they suck but they don't. Royals are great for beginners and intermediates.

These are the best scooters around should be number 1

They are nothing but good.

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24 Blazer

Blazers are better than slamm

Decks are nice I have one

Decks are nice

Sponsor ship

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25 Custom Sacrifice/Apex

I have Bol bars from apex. One word. GROUNDBREAKING! No rust, to scratches, amazing!

I got a sacrifice flyte 100 deck apex Bol bars and more stuff from these brands and there really good

Best scooters the only thing is about apex really expensive decks

Scooter that is 6.5lbs is sacrifice and is fast

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26 GTZ

these suck

27 Pulse Viper

Best scooters ever just bought one and it's awesome

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28 Aprilia
29 Ultra Pro

Why is this on here, if u loved your child/self you buy a good scooter,I would not let my dog ride a razor scooter if it had threaded compression

30 Stunted

Grate very strong shockwave

Brilliant strong light scooters - aaronleggett

Best in the world

I love them

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31 Firefly
32 North

I have one but I don't know if it's even a good scooter

I got one for my birth day and all the people I know say they are the 3 best scooter in the world

North is very stable and is a very good trick scooter


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33 81 Customs

81 customs are beast made a custom and the deck is sturdy and the bars are so light! Best scooters and the pegs are sick

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34 No Fear

A no fear scooter is light and very easy to handle

Epic scooter they are fast and easy to handel



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35 Prodigy

It looks so cool all my friends have it

This should be in number 1

Best scooter in the world low price awesome

Best scooter on earth

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36 Chilli Pro

They are really good!

It really good and I like the style

Should be number 1!

Better than most

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37 Mongoose

Sick scooters.

I think razor is better than mongoose,mongoose sucks!

Amazing smmoth ride

All round good stunt scooter �'

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38 Fox Pro Raw

I want one so it must be good. how good is it like how strong are the bars or the deck what bout the wheels do they bend

This is the best scooter in the world it is better than mgp and district don't GET IT

I've got one and it rides amazingly and the quality is great!

I love the smoothness of the scooter and the colour

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39 Ethic DTC

Incredibly light, and amazing for tricks. But easily bent and snapped. Their grips are some of the best on the market. Defiantly recommend for Park riders but takes some getting used to how light it is, nice design.

This is my favorite brand of scooter ( tied with envy) and I think it should at least be in top ten or at least above razor because there things are so strong and light

They are so good and light but still strong

They are so good

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40 Dominator DSA

I love my scooter and I think it should be top of the list, it's the best scooter I have ever owned and I would certainly recommend it to everyone reading this.

They are very dialed and light
Very strong and well put together
Nice scooter good colors and nice bars, wheels. Deck, clamp, and Brake

Wicked tuna wheels, fresh lettuce deck, garden bars, gape grips,... I grow these awesome rides!

This small company needs a spotlight! The people at Turnstyle Scooters at Interbike 2016 gave me a free dominator airborne and its is the most dialed thing I have ever rode before, 100%! #savedominator

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