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41 Bullit

Bullit scooters are legendary. Very small company but I truly believe that they are even a competitor with MGP scooters. If you don't believe me research 'Bullit Scooters' now. You will see.

Good sturdy scooters and good for beginners and also pretty light

Very good scooters they are very good competeing with something like prot/envy/mgp yeaa very good

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42 Urbanartt Brand LTD

One of the latest in the industry but to me is the best and mature brand!

Flies up ramps with ease great design overall greatness

They are way under rated in this, the only reason madd gear and lucky is at the top is because they are popular with the little scooter kids that knowm nothing about scooters. I think that urban artt should be at the top three cause the products they make are so good. they feel great to ride they are usually super light and are very very strong

Urbanartt is beast

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43 Vespa

Can't believe that this scooter who has proved his fame is not on this list! Not cheap but once you own one you will never go back to another scooter brand.

We are talking about trick scooters not motorcycles

I don't drive, but Vespa has the most good looking ones!

I agree! The Vespa GTS 300 is the best scooter you can get!

44 Root Industries

Root is not popular but make amazing parts

They make amazing wheels and parts

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45 Titan

Okay for tricks better for show

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46 Colt

I have herd about they are very good I am getting a colt

They are good for their money

Colt are very good I reckon they should be 3

I have one and it is really lite weight

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47 Tilt

The BEST parts in the world

Tilt should be ranked higher it is real good

Awesome bars

It’s amazing

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48 Hyper

I have a hyper it is a great scooter and very cool it is what you would get for 140 bucks it I one of my favorites

Amazing scooter it should be number 1!

I have a hyper scooter and it is awesome I love it

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49 Vortex

Their so bad I've never heard of them.

Vortex should not be in the top ten

Come on this is the best

Now vocal pro scooters

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50 Xspec

I have one and they are really nice

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51 Decibel Pro Scooter

Good solid deck, really light, makes some noise though, I still like my decibel crunch

I Love My Decibel I Tried Mgp And I Didn't Like It I Love My Decibel Stomp

Best scooter in the world. I bought a decibel crunch and I love it

Decibel is the best scooter ever!

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52 Axia

Great scooters rarely needs maintenance

I really like the fork they have,I got on my first real scooter and it was part of a complete, the best part is the remove able star nut (it is metal) if they were sell this fork separate I suggest picking it up

Great scooter! Light and strong. Very good parts.

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53 Addict Scootering

Strongest scooter you can get madd looking

I got a mad one of them

Awesome scooter

54 Blitz

Smooth Easy Going Tricks Great for stunts

Sturdy, durable and super stylish!

Looks cool
Too cool for school
Zooms through the skate park, doing stunts with you

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55 Flashing Storm

Just like my poo splodging into the toilet

56 Toxxic

Lucky then MVP then toxic

Sturdy very dialled scooters they are henrally very good and not all fancy but good

57 Rage

How is rage that far down
The deck is better then MGP but MGP are better

58 WeThePeople

There really good with bikes

Best scooter company ever strong light and affordable only like 900$

Only $900

I'm cool

59 Curb

I think curb are ok but there got crap decks and I landed a double tail whip on it

60 5Starr Spectrum

Very strong. Great design. Light weight highly recommended!

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