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61 Lucky Clover

It is one of the best scooters in the world.

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62 Lucky Kota

I don't have it but I would want one because Dakota is so good and that scooter is built for him

It's the best kind of lucky ever made

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63 Agent
64 Lucky Strata

The best scooters ever

They are the best

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65 Nebulus
66 xt
67 Trickster

Trickster is a scooter that you can do many cool tricks on it and it is a lot of fun.

68 Scarabeo
69 Blade

Pretty solid with a few mods

70 Shaun White Supply Co.

The greatest scooter I've ever road in my life! I've been scootering for 4 years now and I' can almost do a bunnyhop. The Shaun white foam grips are so good and definitely better than odi. Shaun white scooters last for like 18 years and are better than district. I reccomend the Shaun whites at WalMart for $10.99 I hope you like this review.

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71 Swarm

Sponsor ship

72 Airwalk

They are not that expensive but they are really good for tricks

73 Avigo

It just the best!

74 Colony
75 Southern Star

I like them but I have got one and a colt

Crap dumb scooter what friend has

This is the best scooter brand yet better than MGP

The worst brand ever.

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76 Flight
77 Spine

I have got the purple and green


I think that spines ar is not smove

78 Westbeach

Good to use for trils

Good at Street parks last a long time��"�☺

79 Tornado 360
80 A2

Really awesome scooters I have one myself.

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