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Bring Me the Horizon is a British rock band from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Formed in 2004, the group currently consists of vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls, and keyboardist Jordan Fish. They are signed to RCA Records globally and Columbia Records exclusively more.


I think Bring Me The Horizon has to number one on this list for a few reasons. First being that I've been a fan since they releases their first full album "Count Your Blessings" I did not know about them until that album but I did listen to the episode they released "This is What The Edge of Your Seat Was Made For" and they left a very good first impression on me. (Keep in mind they sounded nothing like they do in sempiternal, no clean vocals) and I loved it. Then they progressed on to making Suicide Season that album was I suppose the album that grew their fan base and then later on coming out with Their is a Hell album and sempiternal. And when you compare the first album with the last their is a dramatic difference. It just shows how much they have matured and found a style that they want to take on and stick with. What makes it stand out more is that the band has the right amount of confidence to pull off a whole new image and sound, not shy away from it or try to take it back ...more

At first when I heard of bmth I didn't like them until a friend told me to look up one of there songs and ever since then I fell completely in love with the band mates and their deeply meaningful songs esp don't go when I heard the story behind the song I cried to think of the guilt that oli might have felt esp because the people who killed the boy were his cousin and friends but the point is bmth is a great band and as much as I like Bullet For My Valentine and asking alexandria I still think bmth should be first

I have been listening to these guys since 09' and their the best band I have ever heard. Oli's screams and lyrics, Matt's drumming and every single one of the members just make every song worth listening to. Count Your Blessings, Suicide season and There is a hell, believe it I've seen it. There is a heaven, let's keep it a secret are just pure gold. I love them so much. This band deserves #1 on this list, you'd be crazy to put them in any other place.

The reason I appreciate Bring Me The Horizon, is because their lyrics really hit a personal spot for me. I was never a fan of this genre of music, but at age 15, I was diagnosed with Major Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder. With everything going on, I couldn't find any music to truly help me feel better... Until I discovered BMTH. I tried several screamo bands, but none of them seemed to have affected me in the same way. Suicide Season, There is a Hell... , Count Your Blessings, and Sempiternal are the albums that got me through a lot of depessing times. I am not emo, and the idea that all people who listen to this music have to be scene seems ridiculous to me. Bring Me The Horizon deserves to be #1, because their lyrics are legendary and they have no idea how much they are helping people around the world.

The screaming isn't what makes this band great. The true factor which make BMTH so amazing is that their songs carry a feel pulled strongly by the background/orchestral style sounds. There isn't a hood in their songs, but ever time I listen, I feel connected. The clean vocals, when involved, are always well placed and add to that feeling. While said screaming ability is definitely heavy, it will always add to the song, even if it's a sad, quiet song. The two most recent albums pull this off the best. To top this band off is their ability to play live. I saw them at Warped, and I'd never listened to them before, but I loved them.

If BMTH wasn't so high, I'd be voting for blessthefall though; they are amazing live (Even with their screams always sounding out of breath haha).

Oliver Sykes, is hands down one the BEST SCREAMERS in the industry. BMTH guitarist and bassist are SICK. They put variety into their albums. Not one of their albums is alike, and they never fail to make amazing songs everytime. They should definitely be #. 1

Best band ever I've seen them five times, they keep getting better and better, saw them at reading festival and matt k was playing from the sound desk which was awesome, bullet shouldn't be at top because they're hardly screamo, this is true screamo so please vote people!

Bring me the horizon is by far my favorite band! Their lyrics have just so much meaning it's unreal! Oliver Sykes voice can hit so man ranges and his screaming is unbelievable! I am so impressed by this band and all the members! They can do anything from hardcore (diamonds aren't forever) to something slow and beautiful (drown). I love them so much and I can't wait to hear what they play in the future!

An amazing band, hard screamo music from the old days an lighter but still hardcore newer music, OLIVER hands down can write the best lyrics that grab you, songs like hospital for souls and deathbed grab you emotionally. Definitely the best band too grab you emotionally. Well deserved #2 place but deserves #1 more.

Best band in the UK plus oli is super sexy and best voice his band members r just as awesome as oli the lyrics r super easy to learn I just love them so much I have met them they rock I got the cds n yer fkin love them best band in the UK I no all there songs and all the words to just like my friends I love em so much the world could not be awesome if they did not become a band

"Sempiternal" is probably my favorite album, from any band, of all time! I played baseball in college and struggled between several of these glorious songs for my walk-out song. If you love excellent breakdowns with a good mix of screaming and singing, this is the album and band you want!

They should be number 1, they are the best band ever, I love all their songs especially don't go and visions and the sadness will never end, oliver sykes the best screamer ever.

This is one of the best bands in this genre, simply because they strive to create new/different sounding stuff rather than break down after break down after break down. These guys should be number 1 in my opinion and I can't wait for SEMPITERNAL!

Oli is so amazing! By far the best the best band! Especially in their songs they have so much talent! Oli has the best voice for a screamo band! They need to make more music!

He screams better than any band! And his lyrics are so awesome they rhyme and their sad emo brutal depressing words that are awesome to rhyme

There songs have so Much power and they make me feel so many feelings when I hear there songs! Oli must be one of the best screamers out there! I love every song on sempiternal and there is a hell Believe me I've seen it there is a heaven lets keep it a secret!

I agree with this person under me it should be
#2:BFMV even though they arent screamo
#3:black dahila murder - jahomey666

omg, they got the best songggg ever, callled. Diamonds aren't for everrr. and it like like totally amazing ((:

Best band ever! They are one of the best bands I have ever heard in my entire life! Every single song has a meaning behind it. BRING ME THE HORIZON is simply amazing!

bullet for my v is not a screamo band they are metal and I like the other but bmth is just flat out gods

They are the in the top ten for one reason if you're at warp tour they are the best they should be number one on this list

I'm in love with their music. Most songs I'll be obsessed with for like 2 weeks but I've liked everyone of their songs and can still listen to them on repeat without being annoyed. LISTEN TO THEM!

Amazing! Best screamo band ever! Still has tons of screaming and growling and angry lyrics while maintaining vocal harmony. Best ever!

This is an awesome band! I totally fell in love with them the first time I heard them, and they are the ones who got me into screamo. It helps to listen to them when I feel down and all.. So yeah!

Bring Me The Horizon is amazing. Their music is just perfect and if you're looking for a good hard-core band, then this is definitely it!