Best Season One Lost Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Exodus ( both parts )

Best episode in Season One. It really made me jump when Arzt blew up. - mtndew37

2 Pilot ( both parts )

Great episode, I liked the part where they climbed up the plane and the smoke monster attacks the pilot. - mtndew37

3 Numbers

This episode is awesome! It really made me think when it turns out that the numbers ( 4 8 15 16 23 42 ) were on the hatch. - mtndew37

4 The Moth

I really liked this episode. It was freaky when Jack got caved it, and I liked how Charlie was brave enough to crawl into the cave and save him, and to destroy his heroin. - mtndew37

5 Raised by Another

Awesome episode, it was interesting how the physic predicts how Claires baby will grow up to be evil if she herself doesn't raise her alone. And the physic sent her on a plane that he hought would crash, which it did. - mtndew37

6 Confidence Man

Good episode. I like how we find out that the scam that Sawyer was going pull was pulled on Sawyers parents when he was a baby. And we also find out that is name isn't really Sawyer. - mtndew37

7 Do No Harm

This was a sad episode, I cried when Boone died. - mtndew37

8 Deus Ex Macina

Awesome episode, it really got you you thinking when Locke and Boone found the plane. And it made me wonder what would happen to - mtndew37

9 Special

It was awesome how we found out that Walt was taken from Michael by his wife. And it was freaky when Walt was attacked by a polar bear. - mtndew37

10 ..In Translation

Cool episode. It really made me think about who and why someone would destroy the raft. It was quite a twist when found out that Walt did it. - mtndew37

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