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1 Season 4

Btween the trinity killer, the family themes, the twists, the deaths and the unforgettable plot, Dexter Season 4 beats all others - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

He is most talented and veristyle singer ever... He can sing all kind of songs, all language, can do mimic. Act, compose, hosting, everythg

2 Season 1
3 Season 2

When the series protagonist suddenly becomes the central antagonist of most of the season of a crime series with several twists and turns thrown into the mix, you know you must be watching good television. Purely Epic Dexter.

I loved season 2 so much! Definitely the best. Seasons 6 and 4 are a close 2nd and 3rd though - invinciblemario99

4 Season 5
5 Season 7

My fave season, lots of great story points from Deb, to Hannah, the Russian mafia, and LaGuerta. The last season had too many storylines that ruined the season, but season 7 did it right mainly focusing on him and Deb's relationship.

6 Season 3
7 Season 6

It was better than season 8 I don't know how the heck that is above this - ChickenKing

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8 Season 8
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