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1 Season 2

I would laugh at least 10 times in every single one of the episodes.

By far season 2. I laughed at least 10 times each episode. It also has the best episode of the series: the injury. - bilbro29

Season 2 is the best one people who think otherwise can fight me

One of the best shows of all times, and this was its best season! I love "The Dundies." - Kevie16

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2 Season 4

Fun Run is such a good episode. - Songsta41

Best Episode: Dinner Party - DrRyAn

3 Season 7

Best Episode: Threat Level Midnight - Songsta41

Best Episode: Garage Sale - DrRyAn

4 Season 5

Best Episode is easily, no doubt Customer Survey. My favorite episode of The Office ever. This is a consistently hilarious season. - Songsta41

Best Episode: Stress Relief (both parts)

Best Episode: Casual Friday - DrRyAn

5 Season 3

Best Episode: Beach Games - DrRyAn

Dude this is literally my favorite season

Underrated season - Gruunge

I love and enjoy every episode of this season, but it was very close with seasons 4 and 2. simpler times, simpler times. - HeyheyIzDaKaykay

6 Season 6
7 Season 8

Weak season, but Spader was good. - BeatlesFan1964

Best Episode: Pool Party - DrRyAn

8 Season 9

The best episode now is A.A.R.M. - DrRyAn

9 Season 1

Best Episode: Diversity Day - DrRyAn

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