The Evolution of Video Game Consoles #1 Magnavox Odyssey, and Atari 2600

htoutlaws2012 I this brand new series I will be looking at previous Video game consoles starting back from the beginning to eventually present day, and what I will do is give you a background of the console itself, the ups, and downs over the years, and my overall score of it in general, With said let's begin.

Magnavox Odyssey

Released: 1972
Discontinued: 1975
Generation: 1st
Units Sold: 350,000 (34th)
Initial Price: $99.00
IGN Rank: 25th

We start with none other than the first console ever made the Magnavox Odyssey developed by Ralph Baer. I'll admit looking at this thing was quite strange I mean the controller was very blocky, and maybe not that innovative as some of the other controllers i'll get to, but I guess they tried. I mean it did some things right such as being the first to promote a light gun game, and of course PONG! I mean for how basic it started out to be it did do a lot of things correct in terms of the next leaping generations would do, and for being the very first it needs some slack after all. 6 out of 10.

Atari 2600

Released: 1977
Discontinued: 1992
Generation: 2nd
Units Sold: 30,000,000 (16th)
Initial Price: $199.00
IGN Rank: 2nd

Here we go now we get into our more breakout consoles of course i'm referring to company giant Atari, and its 2600 debut. In the early stages of gaming we never really truly had anything that was above expectations considering nobody had this idea of what graphics meant, just make a basic game that works, and there you have the 2600. The controller is all, but legendary with you're joystick, and red button its a step up from most of the competitors. It was the first console to break the mold for its first few years selling over many before it, and whipping out everything in its path it was approaching greatness, but things started to go downhill in the 80's. When things were doing mighty impressive mysterious things happened in year 1982, Atari were unaware there was a company named Mystique a name ominous for its adult games one notable featured General Custer which was considered one of the most racist titles of all time, and it still stands today. The irony is imagine if this was nowadays there would be sexual conduct signs written all over it am I right, and even further I did just talk about this game actually so if you wanna know more of this repulsive game just revisit episode 31. Then in 1983 there were other notable bad games that included an incredibly atrocious version of Pac-Man that was completely different from the arcade game, and E.T based on the movie which if you already know this story then there's no need to explain considering it goes like this... YOU FALL IN THE PIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN! The sad about it is yes there awful, but that Pac-Man that did managed to be the most sold game on that console is just stunning to me. After all that is said, and done though did Atari 2600 have a good run even after the whole debacle that happened absolutely it had a good 4 or 5 years of dominance. 7.5 out of 10