Best Secondary Flying Type Pokemon

Choose among these well-known and popular Pokemons which have "Flying" as their secondary type.... The list doesn't involve legendary and pseudo-legendary Pokemon to have an equal competition... VOTE WISELY!!!

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1 Staraptor Staraptor

Staraptor is fast, has a great attack stat, and unlike other flying types, barring Skarmory and Altaria, Staraptor isn't walled by Rock and Ground types, as it has Close Combat. It has U-Turn for scouting, STAB Quick Attack, STAB Brave Bird for Damage (180 damage! ), and is just great overall! Altaria and Skarmory are great, but Staraptor is the BEST. Anyone beg to differ?

Ledian is by far one of the worst pokemon ever made, why is it so far up? so what if it can learn all those moves, its attack is to low for it to do anything. staraptor can easily kill all of these pokemon in one shot except for maybe altaria. - britainbird

My favorite Pokemon of all time. There is NO Pokemon better than Staraptor. He learns awesome attacks like Close Combat and Brave Bird. - TheStupidHobo

The strongest one should be rayquaza .

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2 Charizard Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Somebody said a beast in special attack? 109, not that high. Only made stronger with solar power? U usually don't get the chance to set up because stealth rock and that frail 78/78/85 defense. He even said moves like dragon rush and blast burn... Dragon rush from 84 attack, have fun, and have fun recharging from blast burn. Somebody said has good attack stat... 84 attack... Good around? No great stats and bad defenses. Somebody even said his seismic tosses very powerful...seismic toss deals damage equal to the level of the Pokemon, what do u mean by "its" seismic toss are powerful. Somebody said amazing speed? 100 is only above average. Somebody said "I think it is the best of all". U need reasoning.

Charizard is a beast in special attack, which is only made stronger with solar power, and if raised right, with moves like dragon rush from breeding and blast burn by tutors, he can be a force to reckon with.

Charizard is the best, he has amazing speed for such a big Pokemon. His seismic toss is very powerful and usually finishes the job.

His flames are amazing

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3 Skarmory Skarmory

Well if you are looking for a flying defensive wall, Skarmory is the Pokemon you want. Also Being able to learn moves like Fly and Steel Wing, he can be an offensive beast. He can also fix or counter his steel weakness, fighting, with flying moves. Used one in Heart Gold, he was my best Pokemon. I highly recommend him.

still speedy even though it is also steel type... you can't beat him easily when it knows how to use double team and roost moves...

It's a really really strong pokemon because his steel type makes his steel wing become too strong especially against 2 types who are effective to flying, ice, and rock, and with such great speed he can take those 2 types down easily.

Skarmory in TOP 3! really he even dosen't deserve top of the worst design...defensive BIRD really...nothing else except defense bad move-set...even CROBAT is better than it...please I just wanna scre my eyes seeing starmory in top 3

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4 Crobat Crobat

Crobat can be one tough cookie when you strong potential moves on him like confuse ray, double team, toxic, mean look, any combo including those movies make others shiver with fright.

My favorite Pokemon ever. Though, it isn't that strong, it's decent bulk and poison and flying type STAB does help. It is a great speedy Pokemon and is just AWESOME - leajey

Crobat is awesome. High stat total of 130, decent attack, and near highest speed in the game. It should be #2 instead of charizard because charizard sucks!

Why is crowbat so low on the list its flying / poison type slows down the effects of rock moves and it has a sturdy defense... and not to mention total stat points 535... it is a beast.

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5 Pidgeot Pidgeot

The best original Pokemon, not just at fighting but has the best story and all the best air moves.

This Pokemon is the best in Pokemon air Pokemon in Pokemon red/blue and fire red and green leaf and for me those are the best games and the best air Pokemon in it.

Charizard is stronger has only a flew air moves...

Pidgeot is one of the original beginner Fly Pokemon and learns all of the original moves. It has a good overall attack and with its keen eyes it will never loose sight of its target.

Pidgeot has high base stats, is original, has a great move pool, and is very useful. You can take advantage of many of his moves to defeat any types that are very effective against it. (e.G. steel Wing on a Rock-Type or Ice-Type)

Awesome.Pidgeot with Glide,Fly,Aerial Ace, Giga Impact + Mega Evolution = that's it, even Rayquaza will go flyin'.

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6 Dragonite Dragonite Dragonite is a character from the Pokémon franchise by Nintendo. It is a dragon and flying type Pokémon created in the first generation of Pokémon. It is a Pseudo Legendary Pokémon.

Why is this pokemon so low down. It best my friends Mewtwo.

He is also a awesome dragon type.

Dragonite is awesome he killed a level 100 gastrodon with draco meteor one time I rented him at the battle factory in platinum he's awesome totally badass the 20th strongest pokemon ever the strongest non legendary pokemon ever he has surf to cover rock weakness flametrower to cover ice weakness and awesome dragon moves also earthquake which is always been a strong move and also he has extreme speed dragonite should be number 1

Dragonite is just overpowered! Low on health Roost to the face! My Personal favourite moveset is Outrage, Extreme Speed, Fire Punch, Earthquake!

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7 Ledian

For Me.. ledian is the best... It can learn thunder punch and ice punch... which is very good against water, steel, flying, grass, ground and rock... it can also learn fighting type moves like close combat, comet punch, mach punch etc.. which is good against normal, steel, rock, ground... THIS IS THE BEST BUG/FLYING TYPE POKEMON EVER INTRODUCED IN THE POKEMON WORLD! - greenguy09

I don't care what anyone says about Ledian, he will always be my favourite, people need to give him a chance, he may not be the best competitively but my Ledian has won me battles because he is so awesome, he will always be my favourite and really to anyone that doesn't like Ledian, please try him in all ways first or shut up, because I'm a Lediman for life! He's the 5 star Pokemon for a reason

I like buterfree because it evolves from cater pie which is my favourite pokemon!

He is awesome he learns fighting, bug, and flying moves

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8 Rayquaza Rayquaza Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It lives in the ozone layer, and frequently stops battles with Kyogre and Groudon, two other Legendaries.

Mega Rayquaza has an attack stat of 180 and a special attack of 180... Enough said

Hey guts it is a legendary Pokemon

Rayquaza is first of all amazing to look at. Secondly it can learn extremspeed, secondly it has an amazingly high attack and special attack. It can learn a vast array of moves

Have you seem Mega Rayquaza?

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9 Salamence Salamence

Why is Salamence #15! It deserves the top 10! Salamence has total stats of 600! This Pokemon is beast! Dragon and Flying is such a powerful type combination!

How is this Pokemon not top 5? I got him and he is sick. My best Pokemon I got and I have gyarados.

Salamence is beast it have the power of a legandary pokemon and concidering it as a dragon flying it is very fast and is not easy to kill I have one in my black team and I am invincible

Great Move pool and great typing. He learns fly at level 50! Also, he can learn steel wing to blow away any ice, rock, or fairy opposition. He is a straight up BAMF with the stats he has too! Great speed and attack combo.

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10 Togekiss

It's like a cuter Staraptor, except as a Sp. Attacker. Why only 24th!? Come on! Togekiss is awesome! It has Aura Sphere to hit Rock and Ice as well as Steel, it's bulky and is heck of fun flinching with Air Slash!

Togekiss Is way better than staraptor because its base stat is 545 and has excellent special attack and has the ability serene grace and learns awesome moves like aura sphere so togekiss is overall an awesome Pokemon to choose for any Pokemon team.

Staraptor's stat total is 475
Togekiss's stat total is 545
Major difference

It is so adorable! While I love Staraptor too, Togekiss is tankier, cuter and if you know how to use it, it is way better than a Reckless Staraptor! It can Para-flinch, tank hits and has great SpA!

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The Contenders

11 Altaria

Altaria has great stats and is very versatile. And with cotton guard makes it a very good tank. Moreover, dragon dance can make it an even more powerful attacker.

Altaria is one of the best Pokemon out there! With good special defense and special attack, altaria is a natural born sweeper. If you don't have an altaria on your team then your missing out on something big here

Very bulky and combined with dragon dance and outrage, with a little bit of cotton guard, it is almost unbeatable!

I was battling a level 60 Pokemon with my level 50 altaria and we WON

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12 Braviary

When you can use a pokemon and only that pokemon to decimate the champion, you know it belongs in the top 10. Braviary that pokemon, with brave bird, super power, shadow claw and thrash. And no healing.

Braviary is TERRIFIC. He has great attack and better all round stats then mandibuzz and zoroark plus it can have the dreamworld ability.

It is so good I was even able to beat the electric type gym leader with it

Braviary Deserves To Be Higher On This List, It has One of the Highest Base HP Stats of the Non-Legendary flying types, it also has access to Superpower and Bravebird, Putting it near Staraptor in Terms of Power

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13 Tropius Tropius

He;s just so cool used him in sapphire and he owned named him tropicana because of the fruit thing with him

14 Archeops

He is amazing he can be a little hard to get at first but well worth it with his ability to learn moves like rock throw he is very good. He has a super high attack stat and he is super fast using acrobatics he is deadly.

While he might not deserve first place on this list, he should be higher up there. A really decent rock/flying pokemon.

15 Ninjask

Ninjask is a flying ninja: need I say more? Ninjast is unbeatable with double team and swords dance. In conclusion, Ninjask is a ninja.


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16 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl

Mega evolution causes this Pokemon to put all other flying types to shame plus has anyone ever tried sky drop competitively with that in mind also note my aerodactyl has swept entire teams

Aerodactyl is almost as fast as a Mewtwo! You place him in 16th! He is also a powerhouse. But come on no one beats the Aerodactyl's speed it's too op.

Really 20th? That's crazy for such a fast and powerful flyer

17 Zapdos Zapdos

Most dominant flying-type Pokemon overall across the five generations. A top Pokemon in all of them.

18 Honchkrow

I believe Honchkrow is the best, I have him on Soul Silver, because he can learn most, if not all, dark AND flying type moves. For instance if you like Honchkrow but wanna fly somewhere and you don't have A. Pokemon that knows fly? Have Honchkrow learn it. Also make him learn dark pulse and shadow ball for easy defeats agains rock and electric type pokemon because Honchkrow is usually faster than most pokemon.

Honchkrow is the best Pokemon considering its dark and flying type. I have it on platinum.

Honchkrow is a great Pokemon considering its flying and dark type. IT CAN learn dark pulse in the games and is a good idea if your up against pshychic and fighting type Pokemon such as meditite. Its dark pulse and shadow ball can teach rock and electric types a lesson.

Because it is handsome and Strong

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19 Gyardos

I now he's flying but he doesn't even fly

20 Articuno Articuno

This is the best ice type and collest plus it ads up it should know sher cold thogh and all around it's a beast Pokemon

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