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21 Lugia Lugia V 1 Comment
22 Yanmega

Yanmega is tough and cool. Stare at its body. Its eyes are red and glowing with hatred of the world. It has calculating coolness.

V 1 Comment
23 Swanna

Love this Pokemon just so beautiful and graceful

V 2 Comments
24 Gliscor Gliscor

Easily one of my favorite Pokemon. When I first found him, and noticed the ground/flying, I started using earthquake. Ka-Boom. My gliscor was unstoppable, as the ground flying is intense. All my friends hated to battle me, as I would just use earthquake. When they tried to, "it doesn't affect for gliscor..." Plus it looks awesome, what with the wings and such.

Gliscor he is totally one of my favorites in Pokemon platinum he is a tank he is unstoppable because he can learn thunder fang ice fang fire fang and EARTHQUAKE! He helped me a lot when I beat Cynthia

Honchkrow is the best flying Pokemon in the history of Pokemon Honchkrow rules why is it even not on this stupid list it's better then those stupid Pokemon

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25 Talonflame Talonflame

Flame Body for breeding and Gale Wings for battling. Talonflame is easily one of the most useful Pokemon ever as it excels at whatever it does and despite being one of the many common bird Pokemon none of them come close to be as good as this guy, especially with his gale wings ability that lets him outspeed almost anything and is just extremely fun to use

This thing is a tank when it has the ability gale wings... They can vs any of the other birdies on here and beat them. They have the best typing and honestly I would rather use a talon flame over charizard just so I'm not using a "common charizard" that everyone chooses

Talonflame is a unique bird Pokemon that has Fire/flying type abilities, the same as Charizard

I swear, should be #1

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26 Swellow Swellow

Swellow is a badass. It gets guts which that plus base 140 facade and stab equals ouch. And nothing would want to eat a brave bird either. And stupidly fast base 125 speed. Protect and pursuit or quick attack too

Have anyone of you seen the anime? Because if you have done that then you should know that swell ow is the best. Swellow was probably the best Pokemon after sceptile in hoenn and is the strongest flying type ash has ever had together with charizard. But if ash had taken Swellow with him to sinnoh and trained it in two regions as he did with charizard ( or at least left it with a charizard trainer) then Swellow could become even stronger then charizard

swellow is more powerful then a lot of these except for staraptor altaria and pidgeot but way better then ledian I don't get how ledian is so far up.

Come on internet swellow has the best fighting spirit

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27 Noctowl Noctowl

I like it cause it looks like an owl

Because I caught a shiny noctowl in Pokemon crystal and it was bloody strong

I think noctowl is the best flying type because it is special

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28 Xatu Xatu

How can Xatu be all the way down here?!?! Xatu is not only the coolest looking flying type, but it's also pretty strong! Xatu is awesome! This needs to be higher up

Xatu looks so cool, and it is actually a pretty good Pokemon to use. One of my favorites right here.

29 Moltres Moltres

Moltres is a legendary bird it should be number 1

30 Ho-oh Ho-oh

Ho oh should be number 1 it is a cool Pokemon better than dragonite

He's awesome but just about not as good as articuno

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31 Pelipper

It is amazing as it can learn surf and fly and at level 50 has about 120 defense! I currently own one and it pretty nice!

32 Chatot
33 Fearow V 2 Comments
34 Dodrio

Dodrio has 110 for attack and 100 for speed... how can you not like this Pokemon! Really? 32nd place? This Pokemon

How can dodrio be behind fearow? They are like the same only dodrio is a little bit better

If you would like to pick flying type pokemon for your kanto (except you pick charizard as a starter), Dodrio is the best pick, beacause it has good attack stat but low other stats, it's better than pidgeot who has balanced stat that is simultaneously low, and even farfetch'd and fearow can't stand a chance.

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35 Unfezant

Unfezant can be a very powerful Pokemon if you do it right. You can go power herb sky attack style. Unfezant is even better in x and y because his attack is boosted to 115 and can get night slash as a egg move. Razor claw super luck night slash = crit hax for days. You can get a adamant, max EV speed and attack trained unfezant with choice band and rivalry as his ability with the moveset return (max happiness) quick attack u-turn and a good stab flying move. That is powerful. If think unfezant needs better stab flying moves such as drill peck or brave bird. Unfezant still is a powerful Pokemon.

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36 Mandibuzz

You have to be smart when using this Pokemon this guy changes games real talk

Mandibuzz is really good pokemon. Staroptor have no status to be in first. My dragonite should be in first place. My pokemons are blaziken, vaporeon, excadrill, dragonite, lucario, mandibuzz.

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37 Butterfree Butterfree V 2 Comments
38 Scyther

Scyther has good attack and speed making him a great pokemon especially because of his versitile move pool that makes him a trouble to deal with for a lot of pokemon

39 Pidove

Just saying its a flying type

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40 Yveltal Yveltal Yveltal is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Yveltal is a legendary Dark/Flying type Pokemon, and is the mascot of Pokemon Y. It is classified as the Destruction Pokemon. Yveltal has the ability to absorb life energy, and when its life comes to an end, it steals more.

Oblivion wing, dark pulse and disable are all awesome, and his typing allows him to be unaffected by psychics and grounders! He is awesome, and has good defense for a dark Pokemon!

My personal favorite Pokemon he deserves higher than this

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