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41 Walk Away From the Sun

Literally the best Seether song they made. I truly don't care what anyone else thinks about it. It peers into the sadistic nature of Seether a genius way, and is worth hearing over and over. THIS is Seether.

I'm sorry but I just love this song and believe it belongs to the list of top 10s

This is probably my favorite Seether song. I couldn't listen to it all day.

Should be in the top ten

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42 Take Me Away V 1 Comment
43 Stoke the Fire

I thought it would be higher. Very cool song. One of the best off of their new album!

44 Fallen

This song is so great! Seems like it is underrated when it comes to this list as it is 24th!

45 Immortality

It's the best song of seether. Best chords ever

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46 F*** It

Kick ass! Love it. - Guisss81

47 Seether

Why is this so low? It's the reason why they this band changed their name to Seether.

48 Burn the World

This deserves to be in top 10 at least.. Powerful vocals from Shaun

49 Given

This so v is badass should make the top ten. Seethers the best band in the world

"I'll tell you it's all for you, then deny it."
Cool song. They should play Karma and Effect live in its entirety.

50 Needles

Best Seether song

Needles is sick

I don't get it! This is one of my favorites but no one seems to even know it exists! Why is this not closer to thr top?!?!?!

51 Diseased

Such an underrated song. It's one of those songs that's just aggressive and beautiful at the same time. I'm surprised it's not even on the list, let alone in the top ten.

Hauntingly eerie and raw with power. Definitely my favourite Seether song. Pity it's so underrated. It should definitely be higher up.

One of my favorites. So underrated though...

52 Fade Away

How can this song be so low on the list? So emotional.

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53 No Resolution
54 Eyes of the Devil

The best song of this band. Should be as top one

This is the song that got me into seether and its not my favorite but should be higher up on the list. at least top 10.

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55 Pride

In time you will love this song. See what I did there?

Why isn't this song in the list? Really underrated and exceptionally good song.

One of the best on Disclaimer in my opinion!

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56 Innocence

Underrated as hell, a perfect mix of soft verses and heavy chorus

Really cool song. I'm surprised this and Blister didn't make it on Karma and Effect.

57 Count Me Out
58 Yeah

One of the best songs ever... Very revolutionary also very deep "a wise man knows that the dark's bright" can't believe it ain't in the top 10

59 Butterfly With Teeth

Even though it's a demo, it's actually one of my favorite Seether songs of all time. Deserves to be higher.

60 Something Else
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