Top 10 Best Seether Songs

If you love Seether, please vote for your favourite song here! Seether forever! List compiled by VeRdiKT.

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61 Don't Believe

50?!? As if this is one of seethers best songs vote it up guys

Really cool song. The ending is rather unique, but other than that, one of the best on FBINS.


62 World Falls Away

This is the best song of theirs and it's not even on the list...
What is wrong with people?

63 Down

I liked this song. This song should have been in top 20at least

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64 Stay and Play

This one's pretty cool. There's definitely some "Nirvana" in here.

65 Let Me Go
66 Your Bore
67 Suffer It All
68 No Shelter
69 I'll Survive

What a song. So deep and meaningful. Love your stuff seether

70 Kom Saam Met My

I like that this song displays their South African roots.

71 Tongue
72 Nothing Left
73 Betray and Degrade
74 Emotionless

Such a good song, why so low

75 Plastic Man

This track should be much higher in the list... Simple yet powerful track... Love Josey's voice and simple guitar work in the track!

Honestly, it's one of the stronger tracks on Karma and Effect. It shouldn't be so low... Underrated track.

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76 No Jesus Christ

7 minutes of what is, by Seether's standards, post-grunge/alt metal perfection. The guitar work is great, the drumming is awesome, the bass line is possibly the best of any Seether song. The singing is epic. And the screams...oh my god the screams are so intensely filled with emotion. Lyrically it surpasses each and every song that the majority of people who voted here claim to be the 25 songs better (FMLYHM is the only song I like more but that's just because it's so catchy). This song, at the VERY LEAST, deserves to be in the top five! And even then that's being generous to the other four

I used to love Seether when I was younger now I'm back into them! And it's all because of this song! The words have real meaning and they work so well with the beautiful instruments

It's a best song for me. I think that it should be in the top ten.

One of their best songs.

77 Love Her

This song has great lyrics and should be higher

Most underrated Seether Song

This is how I began loving seether
Not the best of seether
But, with great lyrics, cool intro, 'love her' stands apart

78 6 Gun Quota

This is definitely not Seether's worst song. Lol it should be way higher.

Should be in first 5

My favorite from FBINS.

79 Sold Me

I'm a huge seether fan and honestly I just found this song not too long ago I've heard it before and didn't pay it any mind until I sat down and fully listened to the lyrics one of shauns best and one of the most beautiful songs in the genre and in rock history it's a shame is goes unnoticed

Should be much higher. This song's awesome! Probably in my top 5.

Are you serious? Way better than 70th guys come on.

80 Pig

One of the best heavy seether songs! Awesome guitar intro

One of the best on Disclaimer II. Should be a little bit higher.

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