Best Selena Gomez & the Scene Songs


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1 Love You Like a Love Song

Ah... It is in 4th place...? It should be in 1st or 2nd... Come on selenators... What are you doing?

2 A Year Without Rain

I love this song and this is the best song of selena gomez I listen to is everyday please vote for it love you selena gomez you are the best nabeel

This songs is awesome and the best song I ever heard

3 Round and Round

It's about a guy giving mixed feelings to her. That's why the sings name is round and round. It's about her being in an on & off relationship/love-hate.
Cause it's like, one minute he loves her and another minute, he hates her

Well you gonna miss me cause I am getting dizzy going round and round and round

4 Naturally

Please vote naturally this is the best song ever I want it to be first selena gomez is the best and naturally is her best song I want all to vote it and make it stay on the top of all I just love selena gomez and her voice and her songs love you like a love song selena gomez nab

5 Who Says

This is so relatable to a lot of people... This song is why I became a big fan! Even though I haven't always been there like a lot of you, I really like her

Everyone is their own beautiful deep down and this song truly yells it out it tells everyone that they are special

Her songs are amazing especially who says

Catchy and beautiful

6 Falling Down
7 I Won't Apologize
8 I Promise You
9 Kiss and Tell
10 More

The Contenders

11 The Way I Loved You
12 Magic
13 Tell Me Something I Don't Know

I love you selena... You r so pretty... Please selena come back to my justin... He is so upset without you,...

I love this song and hear it more than a hundred times a day and I also love selena gomez!

14 Ghost of You
15 Rock God
16 I Don't Miss You at All
17 My Dilemma
18 Live Like There's No Tomorrow
19 Off the Chain
20 Spotlight
21 Crush
22 Hit the Lights
23 Sick of You
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