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61 Rule the World

This Is Good Song. But Demi Lovato Heart Attack Is The Best Song Of 2013. I love Her So much. Selena Is Also Good. But I Didn't Like Her So Much. But This Is Good Song...

It is the new song of selena gomez... The is very good... I think is one of the top song of selena gomez

I LOVE THIS SONG! It's my favorite :D

Must be a little higher
Super duper song

62 Music Feels Better

This song is #1 just saying I hate Justin

63 Survivors

Survivors is such a good song...the beats hit me and I get totally blown away... The break after the chorus is amazing. Her voice, the music, everything is on point... Love you Selena :") - Nabeel

64 Cruella de Vil

It's really awesome song. It's made by one of the first movies I watch. I love Selena and all her songs.

Love it, so underrated!

65 Crush

This is one of the songs that made me fall in love with her music six years ago. Though it isn't her best I think it deserves to be higher.

This should be on the top 10 at least

I really think this song was nce and its full of fellings

66 Bad Liar

Can't believe I had to add this! - garlicboy

Love this and fetish

Better than Fetish

Hate Fetish.Love Bad Liar

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67 Ice V 1 Comment
68 Too Cool
69 I Like It That Way

! It's one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard! I just love the song and Selena too.I will never change, I'll just keep on loving her songs.I will never change my mind, I'll just keep on loving Selena Gomez :).Nabeel.

This is totally a gem, the music is truly amazing and Selena's voice is on point, should've been a single! Too bad that it's only in the Target edition, this is fire!

70 Magical

Oh come on it's a love song with some magic it amazing I listen to it every day it's the bes it should a least be at top 10 selina is perfect ok so dating Justin Bebier is like getting a F on a report card but still I love this song I have to say please vote for it or at least hear it and give it a chance

71 Camouflage

One word for this song! #love

best song

Why the heck is this song #76?! 😤
It's the BEST Selena Gomez song ever.😢

72 Red Light
73 Revival

I know that this is the name of the album.. But this song is the only song in that album which sucks (a selenator fan)

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74 Trust in Me

If anyone heard this song be honest. This song is super duper SUCKS. She has no taste of good music. She is making worst music over and over again. God help her.

I am her fan but agree. And you should not comment like. Her all songs are not worst.

75 Winter Wonderland

This song is way better than bang bang and kiss and tell
Vote for this guys

76 Bang a Drum

Come on this is d best pop song I've ever heard... It should be in top ten list!

77 Boy Like You V 1 Comment
78 Not Over It
79 Un Ano Sin Ver Lluvia
80 Outta My Hands (Loco)

I love her voice when she sang that, I always had a dream that she was my mother. And she inspired me to sing also Taylor swift

I liked the beat and I felt it was something totally different with the various pitches and it just made it amazing

I think it was the best song for selena gomez she sang for her self

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