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81 Outta My Hands (Loco)

I love her voice when she sang that, I always had a dream that she was my mother. And she inspired me to sing also Taylor swift

I liked the beat and I felt it was something totally different with the various pitches and it just made it amazing

I think it was the best song for selena gomez she sang for her self

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82 Camouflage Camouflage V 2 Comments
83 Nobody Nobody

This is so so beautiful. It's so relatable for me and could be a huge hit!

Like this song. Interesting for her.

84 Robot

I am fan number 1

85 Dices Dices
86 Headfirst

This list contains all the selena gomez songs then why not this one?
this song was deleted from the album 'kiss n tell' because it was leaked before releasing
but its a really good song hear it at least once you won't be able stop hearing

87 If Cupid Had a Heart

This doesn't sound like Selena but I still love it

I loved this from hannah Montana.

If stupid had a heart

88 In My Head
89 Rise Rise V 1 Comment
90 Cologne

This song just makes her sound so in love and it's definitely a tear jerker! The chorus is absolutely beautiful. This should definitely make the top 10!

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91 Perfectly
92 My Dilemma 2.0 My Dilemma 2.0
93 Mama Do

I do love this,s song my self,mama do,how about a song called, dream acoustic song

94 Red Lights

Seriously? 81?!?! This is a wonderful song. 81?

95 Hold On
96 Do It Do It

Really it is very awesome song... Love you selena and your voice too

If I had a choice if I had my way.. Boy u know I'll listen.. To this song everyday! :P

97 Live Like There's No Tomorrow Live Like There's No Tomorrow

I just love this song I want all to vote it I want to see this song in top 5 I just love selena gomez I think she is the best and live like there's no tomarrow is one of her best songs I love selena nab

This song is awesome I it! Totally the best! The first time I heard this song I had ist stuck in my head and couldn't getit out! Selena gomez is amazing!

Awesome song. Teaches to "Actually live". The music is amazing and so are the lyrics. Love this song simply song.

It so inspirational song sing by Selena Gomez

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98 Sick of You Sick of You

Its about a breakup/ or gettin over a guy...

You know fairy tales don't come true
Not when it comes to you
Open up for the first time
And you can bet that it's the last time

( its was love but its over now;;seem like a relationship that she tried to make work but it just wasnt workin)

And I'm cool with laying low
Saturday night and I'm staying home

(okay she stayin in on a saturday and she happy and independent, she doesn't next to be with him she;s over him)

I'm sick of the sleepless, never ending nights
I just don't care who was wrong or right
I'm sick of the rumors and the alibis
You tear me up
I'll cut you down to size


One of my fave lines :: I'll wave goodbye when you say hello

Really good song... I hear it all the time

This song, I listen to it every single day and never waste any minute of the precious time of the songs. There is no way people won't like this song. Selena gomez puts on her best voice of all the time.

My best song is sick of you, second is one and the same, third is intuition, forth is when the sun goes down, fifth is whiplash.

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99 As a Blonde As a Blonde

This is the best song ever! It should not be 67! Come on people vote for it. And if you haven't listened to it, well do it.

This song needs to get to number 1. It's is a great song to dance to, and if you haven't listened to it you have to

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100 Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone) Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)
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