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101 Live Like There's No Tomorrow

I just love this song I want all to vote it I want to see this song in top 5 I just love selena gomez I think she is the best and live like there's no tomarrow is one of her best songs I love selena nab

This song is awesome I it! Totally the best! The first time I heard this song I had ist stuck in my head and couldn't getit out! Selena gomez is amazing!

Awesome song. Teaches to "Actually live". The music is amazing and so are the lyrics. Love this song simply song.

It so inspirational song sing by Selena Gomez

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102 Middle of Nowhere

Really? I love this song! So cold, nobody to hold me you're so wrong for leaving when you told me you would never leave my by myself, out in the middle of nowhere

Awesome song! This song should be up in the top 10.. Not here. The lyrics, the music and the way selena gomez sang it is just amazing! Love it!

This song is amazing! I love the music the lyrics and of course SELENA GOMEZ! 1

This doesn't deserve #48.. It must be in top 15.. Its full of emotions... It connects immediately...

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103 We Own the Night

It's a really sweet song

This song makes me cry every time. your amazing selena

Why is this at 45? :o

The one song I've listened to sincenthe day it came out! I love this song x

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104 Hold On
105 Perfect

I love this song. She should make a video of this song. So amazing!

Please Please listen to this song! I bet u would love it more than cologne or sober..."Maybe I should b more like her. " My fave lyrics

They are amazing


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