A Year Without Rain


I hear this song everyday. Actually my mom didn't agree about my relation because she thinks I'm Way too young to have a boyfriend. But He waits in front of my class everyday, I see him when I enter. It's the best moment of my life. And If I don't go to school, I can't see him that day, And that's the day when I feel like It's A year without rain...

Selena is a good singer but when she performs this song... totally super and this song is the best and her dress is totally awesome totally as in totally awesome and like the settings and Selena, hope to perform more and also hope you'll have a concert here in the Philippines... "It's like a year without rain"

I like this song too much because in this song the sound of selena is very good I think only couples could understand this song and in this song selena gomez look very cute and good and sexy I love this song too much I have played this song 100 times per day love you gomez and your song too icant live without this song this song should be get award.it selena you are just awesome I like you and love and your songs too

This song is so beautiful it's like telling you a story about someone you love left you for a reason and you miss him so much. When he leaves it's like a year without rain. I love you selena gomez and I wish you'll be the singer ever I love you. I'm your biggest fan

I really like this song and its meaning. Ts about that special someone whoever it may be that you can't live without. "a day without you is like a year without rain" and you think about them every minute of every day. It's WOW. LOVE it, AMAZING!

Her voice is so crisp and great. I has a nice beat and meaning to it, this really is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. The feeling of is really overwhelming but in a good way. It really draws you in, once you start listening to it you can't turn it off, you just have to sing along!

Oh my god! This is just such a lovely song I can't even live without singing this song I sing it like 5 times a day alone and then times with my friends we r even gonna make a cover song of it :D this is just so lively and wonderful and she has done a wonderful job singing this song. Love it

Oh My God! This song used to be at first what just happened?! I love selena gomez and her songs! But this one is the first one I heard and it struck my heart. This is one of the best songs ever.. gives a beautiful feeling inside a person. Her voice becomes magical and is filled with love!

Selena Gomez & The Scene - A Year Without Rain
Duration 3:55
This Song Is Perfect. A very Nice Song.
We play it in our Gym and listen it daily in the Car on big speakers. The sound quailty of Selena in this song is Outstanding. I Like it very Much.

Really awesome people should listen to it it has a really nice chorus and I love the part where we can hear the thunder and rain and also the flowers blooming this song deserved to be sung by selena gomez really and truly! ALSO MY WHOLE FAMILY LOVES THIS Texas GAL!

Best song EVER!
I love the way she puts all her emotions into this
I adore this song most ardently
N the desert the rain the beauty... Every thing seems so perfect
I was at an ecstatic state when I heard this song. Second of all I love selena

I love this song, it inspires me in every way possible. I listen to this every time I get a chance to. And mostly that's everyday I listen to it. She has a really great voice that nobody has heard! I LOVE selena Gomez

This is the best song. She sung this song very well. I ever heard such a heart touching song in my life. I am deeply love with this song. Also, I love her. She is the queen. Love this song. Love you Selena. Keep rocking. I will be always with you.

Very beautiful meaning and very nice show it has and I found out her with this song when I was 16 in 2011 and after that I left all my old thoughts about music and left some dido's song (some of them) and some taylor (some of them) and start listening to what her says
Her songs are very nice but this song is the best and after that I can't choose another song for 2nd place - Ahmadrezahaddadi

This is a great song I could listen to it all day because she has such fantastic singing voice she writes the most beautiful, passionate, inspiring, and romantic songs but in my opinion this is the best

It is the best song ever! The tune is so nice that no tune can compare to it! YOU ROCK SELENA GO GET THE CROWN GIRL IGNORE THE HATERS

I've listened to it like a trillion times and the song is so amazing and the effects are really cool too. The song is so meaningful and it probably meant a lot to selena since she sang it in spanish

It almost makes me cry this song but in a good way. She puts so much effort into these things she is fabulous. I don't know what I would ever do without her songs in my life.

I love its lyrics and music. She is so amazing and fantastic. Her voice is so beautiful

I love you so much and all of your songs but this one is a special one
I love You so much

I love selena gomez she is in my heart I think I was the first one to see alex V. S alex and I love her family and I love and like your songs when I hear them I feel really special I even cry

Selena this song is amazing.I love this song so much I hear it hundred times a day.u look very beautiful.This song is the best song ever oh and the video is very nice.I love it so much.

This song is amazing. SELENA'S voice is beautiful. I love this song very much. I never get bored by listening this song in a single day. I love Selena. I am totally biggest fan of her.

I love it!
The best song ever written by any singer. Love it
It tells a story behind it. The way she says "i do not no if I will survive because she misses him so much

Its really nice... And this song is a song that keeps you going when a else seems lost... Go selena gomez I love this song... This song could play hundred times a day and I wouldn't mind

I am so surprised that this is number one I swear I thought I was the only person who really loved this song the meaning is actually clear and instrumentals are fantastic