Best Senses Fail Songs

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1 Can't Be Saved Can't Be Saved Cover Art

I've listened to this song everyday when I was young and it is still good today.

2 Bite to Break Skin Bite to Break Skin Cover Art

Not even comparable. I owned all of SF's albums growing up and Bite To Break Skin was life changing. Best ending of any song ever...

Just the top song of them all. I love all their songs ao much but this one is and always will be my #1

Follow me into the sun

Think this is more worthy of number one spot than Can't Be Saved

3 Calling All Cars Calling All Cars Cover Art

This song is the best

4 Buried a Lie Buried a Lie Cover Art

This is one of thir greatest songs needs to be higher placed in the rankings in my opinion.

This song is so cool. The lyrics, guitar, It's old but it reminds me of so many things I used to do a long time ago

5 Irony of Dying on Your Birthday Irony of Dying on Your Birthday Cover Art

My absolute favorite song from these brilliant artists this song should at least be top 5 broskis let's get it up there. Reminds me of laintime owning in up in vanilla WoW

The best option. Blackout is the best because it's the most relatable.

6 Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning Cover Art

It rocks I really love this song I listen to it twenty four seven

7 Family Tradition Family Tradition Cover Art

Great Song
When I heard for the first time I thought it was a Tokyo Hotel song.
Really great song needs to be at the top of the list.
Search in YouTube and hear it you will be amazed.

This song is the best.. I mean, This song is so deep and poetic and emotional.. It explains my whole life to every detail. And buddy's as well. This song has saved my life on multiple occasions. I listen to it every day.
<3 Senses Fail.

8 The Priest and the Matador The Priest and the Matador Cover Art

Purely a beautiful song

This is on of the best songs they've, if not the best, it just has so much emotion

9 Lady in a Blue Dress Lady in a Blue Dress Cover Art
10 Bloody Romance Bloody Romance Cover Art

No comparison best song

The Contenders
11 Stretch Your Legs to Coffin Length Stretch Your Legs to Coffin Length Cover Art

The very first Senses Fail song I've heard and still my favorite. So aggressive, so emotional and so beautiful. Senses Fail at it's best. No more words - just brilliant!
P.S. : sorry for my bad English Senses Fail and their fans 4eva!

12 One Eight Seven One Eight Seven Cover Art
13 Choke on This Choke on This Cover Art
14 Wolves at the Door Wolves at the Door Cover Art

Another top 5 song.. The song that got me to listen to Senses Fail.

15 Between the Mountains and the Sea

Should be #1 or 2, such an amazing song, the lyrics are so touching.

16 You're Cute When You Scream You're Cute When You Scream Cover Art
17 Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo Cover Art

These other songs are so mainstream it makes me sick. Even if they are good songs, Senses Fail has stuff a million times better. Listen to this, or Lifeboats, and be enlightened.

18 Ali for Cody Ali for Cody Cover Art
19 Shark Attack Shark Attack Cover Art
20 NJ Falls Into the Atlantic NJ Falls Into the Atlantic Cover Art
21 Let It Enfold You Let It Enfold You Cover Art

I became addicted to senses fail after listening to this song... Very underrated song

Story of my life

22 Sick or Sane Sick or Sane Cover Art
23 Still Searching
24 Four Years Four Years Cover Art

Just heard this song for the first time I can't believe it wants even on this list or even in the top 10, such an awesome song go listen to it

25 Lungs Like Gallows Lungs Like Gallows Cover Art
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