Best SEO Contest Keywords

The SEO contest is a novel way to prove one?s SEO mettle and see how you stack up with some of the big boys. Granted, at the end of the day, winning an SEO contest does little for the bottom line, but it is still a fun way to add another notch to the gun. This list is a collection of the best SEO contest keywords.

The Top Ten Best SEO Contest Keywords

1 Dave Pasternack

Great contest. Take the name of someone who claims that SEO is dead and SEO them so far down in the SERPs that they can't even find their own name.

2 msnbetter thangoogle

Good because it is so laughable

3 nigritude ultramarine
4 seraphim proudleduck
5 retsambew dash klat for Charity
6 mangeur de cigogne

translated: eater of stork

7 redscowl bluesingsky
8 globalwarming awareness2007
9 the four required words
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