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1 Seohyun and Luhan

Other than Kris who might be having a little admiration towards our Seohyun... I guess Luhan has been the biggest fan of Seohyun =)

We just need reality shows or variety shows for EXO (and LUHAAN) to be given a chance to be asked who their favorite SNSD member is. Haha

Well, this is the only ship that are better than the other.
Since luhan's ideal type is the closest to her, and even though I'm a fawn.
But still, I love SEOHAN m/

Luhan is cute and he is my second bias in exo m but honestly I think he is very lucky if he have seohyun as he girl. Because seohyun is perfect girl and many boys have a crush to her but scare take a step because they know how is she. I also ship they like another and for me everyone pairing with she is best and I support but sometimes I obsess think about luhan crazy fan. They might be hurt seo and anti her but the one I really scared if luhan hurt she heart. I really like seohyun and because it I want the best for she but I still support them :) Ace babies and fallen Angel!

Luhan is the best for seohyun I see it through his stares

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2 Seohyun and Sehun

I love them but I don't see many video of them..I hope they can be more talking to each other.

They are look like royal couple

I like them to be together too, both of them are so cute but its really hard to choose SeoHan or SeoHun ahaha

Seohun the cutest couple I think sehun like seohyun and I saw lot video of seohun and he seems shy with her it so cut I love SEOHUN

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3 Seohyun and Kris

What to say? Seohyun is my queen as Kris is my king. Together with my fellow shippers, we build a strong Kingdom

They have same personality and likes. They're so perfect that every time I see these two I couldn't help but cry out loud.

I notice at smt bangkok encore fancam, before seohyun and kris smile to each other, seohyun look at her back twice. She's aware that kris is behind her. Say what? I want to say that seohyun stole glances at kris too... Haghaghag.

I like seohyun and kris I wish they married

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4 Seohyun and Kai

Kai always shy around seohyun

I think Kai and Seohyun would be the best couple out of EXO. Kai has a powerful personality and hardworking. Seohyun is calm and generous. They both would be perfect for me.

It was really hard to choose a man for Seohyun. She is my ultimate kpop bias, any guy that treat her good and love her will do. So, Kai is one of my option for her, I chose him hehe

They are cute togetherness

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5 Seohyun and Chanyeol

Like chanyeol and seohyun I want them to be love

There was a time when chanyeol wanted to be next to seohyun or something went up next to her and suddenly seohyun left that spot he was sad

I want them to be communicate each other

Love this couple and they are even doing a movie together. XOXO chanseo... fighting

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6 Seohyun and Suho

Aquarian Angel! Don't you think they are alike? Plus they are both 91liner and they both are fan of the movie : Pirates of the Caribbean

Seohyun and suho I hope they be date

Perfect for each other although I ship seohyun to the other member (which is exo) I find seoho the best

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7 Seohyun and D.O

They are very look good keep your couples like it is true and its because they have a good personality and cuteness

If you type their names on YouTube you will a video with exo and snsd watching some performance.. In this video you can clearly see D. O eying seohyin and even purposely bumping into her. It's funny cause Tiffany and hyoen catches him.

He always stares at seobaby and I feel like he has a big crush on her

I like you too...

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8 Seohyun and Baekhyun

I prefer baekseo than baekyeon... However I still support seohyun noona and baekhyun hyung

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9 Seohyun and Lay

They are the best... Although seo has no dimple but if she smile, she just like Lay oppa... (having a dimple CP is better)

10 Seohyun and Chen

Seohyun and Chen have an innocent face and kindly heart too..

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11 Taeyeon and Baekhyun

I like how the lists says who you ship Seohyun with and suddenly Baekhyun and Taeyeon come up.

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1. Seohyun and Luhan
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1. Seohyun and Luhan
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3. Seohyun and Sehun

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