Top Ten Best Sephora Eye Shadow Sets

Kits, palettes, or just color sets, these are some of the best Sephora has to offer.

The Top Ten

1 Too Faced Naked Eye Soft and Sexy

Really stunning results from what looks like a pretty mellow set. The how-to cards in this kit make it a great learning tool as well. - SephoraLover

2 Urban Decay Naked Palette

12 eyeshadows that look great in combinations, or standing alone. Colors for every day, for dramatic eyes, and the in-between. - SephoraLover

The best, hands down

3 Benefit Big, Beautiful Eyes

This was my very first kit, and I felt a little vain after putting it on, because I couldn't stop myself from checking out my eyes periodically. It's really fantastic, and great for everyday wear. - SephoraLover

4 Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette

9 Colors, and all the applicators needed to make your eyes three types of smoky-sexy. Again, there are the cards that explain what to do with each set. - SephoraLover

5 Urban Decay Urban Ammo Eye Palette

Super Sparkly set of 10 colors, that are great in pairs, or separately. - SephoraLover

6 Sephora Collection Beauty in A Box Purple Smoky Eyes Tutorial

Purple is in this season, and this set is as in as it gets. Get the sexy eyes you want in a trendy, smoky purple. - SephoraLover

7 Stila Smoky Eye Talking Palette - The Emeralds

Takes you step by step through making your eyes uniquely smoky. In emeralds and violet colors.. - SephoraLover

8 Kat Von D True Romance Palette - Memento Mori

Mysterious eyes are made with this palette. Stunning colors. - SephoraLover

9 Tarina Tarantino Starchild Odyssey Palette

Oh my, talk about eye-drama! I would have been self-conscious about how, well, dramatic and bright it was on me if I hadn't gotten so many compliments about my eyes. You don't have to wear all of them, like in the picture, but when you do... WOW.

This Fall release is a must-have. Five high-intensity colors that will get you noticed. - SephoraLover

10 Bare Escentuals Rocker Eye Tutorial

For when you just have to have some Glam. - SephoraLover

The Contenders

11 Endless Color Blockbuster

My only warning with this palette, is that you will have to take a long time to use all the colors, because there are SO many! It's fantastic! The packaging is absolutely brilliant, and each layer reveals more makeup fun. - SephoraLover

12 Kat Von D Innerstellar Palette

It is just beautiful, stunning, the package is lovely and so are the shadows, super soft and pigmented

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