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1 Roots Bloody Roots Roots Bloody Roots

this song freaking rocks! - rock2metal

The first Sepultura song I ever heard, blew me away.

Guitars are awesome, song is awesome, SEPULTURA ROCKS!

I heard that sepultura was good, then I checked out this song. I thought good was an understatement. - gemcloben

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2 Dead Embryonic Cells Dead Embryonic Cells

Probably the best sepultura song out there. Dead embryonic cells has lots of great riffs, singing is great, overall just an awesome song. This is sepultura at its very best, back when max cavalera was still in the band.

This is the best song no. 1

Roots bloody rotos can not be the number one! This is the number one!

AFF Roots bloody roots at first!?!?!? NO

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3 Refuse/Resist Refuse/Resist

Although it was not the best, but it shouldn't here. It must be in top ten. This song remind me the mass action in Indonesia by 1998.

I'm surprised nobody noticed that this song is missing from the list! - sumit

I RESIST to get in the world of pop music and REFUSE to listen to it. - gemcloben

Refuse/Resist is to me the best Sepultura song, I love the drum intro
The best 5 for me are: 1. Refuse/Resist 2. Arise 3. Roots Bloody Roots 4. Territory 5. Slave New World

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4 Inner Self Inner Self

The best Sepultura song! Whenever you're in a bad mood this music will certainly convert it into a world beating positive mood. All the people on Facebook chucking ice over their head, posting statuses about the last time they blinked and listening to the latest brainwashing drivel in the charts will never quite understand how skilled and dedicated these musicians are and what a great band this is. They made this music because they felt they had to, not so as the ignorant masses would like it and not primarily to make money. To all the other remaining non conformists who haven't fallen victim to Big Brother AKA the media, this is one great song of many in this rebellious REAL genre of music. This is one of my favourites :-) - hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

one of the best trash metal, like it...

The whole album Beneath the remains is really trade mark from Brazilians. For me one of the best bands beside Death in metal genre.

Max sings like no other - gemcloben

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5 Arise Arise

Great song and great album! Sepultura at top form!

One of the Fastest paced song I have heard in my life!

This one of the reasons I love sepultura. - gemcloben

This is definitely the height of Sepultura.

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6 Territory Territory

the drum intro (AMAZING), the guitar solo (ASTONISHING) and the voice of Max (INCREDIBLE)... this song is one of the best songs from them (maybe the best)... should be 1 - rock2metal

This song took me back to rock from rap. I was listening to rap, mostly, then heard this and came running back. Saw them, White Zombie and Pantera. Best concert ever!

The solo and voice is brilliant. - gemcloben

Sepultura's greatest work next to roots bloody roots.. Enough said m/ - nooreldeen

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7 Ratamahatta Ratamahatta

One of their best songs... The brazilian native music intro is just... AWESOME! -

Imagine this: before their famous, they went of a nationwide talent show. they decide to play this song. they start of with the Brazilian native music. the judges are confused by now. then the guitar starts and the singing. the judges would just be in shock. sepultura and their own genre only known as sepultura is born. - gemcloben

How is thia not number 1? This song kicks ass and hits hard I can't work out without it! Also try playing zombie games with it on a loop

8 Troops of Doom Troops of Doom V 1 Comment
9 Desperate Cry Desperate Cry

Words can't describe this masterpiece... Just listen to it! It's probably Sepultura's most atmospheric songs.

this song is just amazing super incredible awesome and quality of rock

Easily their best song. Just a masterpiece, the perfect collection of good riffs and drumming.

When I first heard this song, it blew me away. From the intro to even the extremely fast parts, this song is perfect too to bottlm

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10 Beneath the Remains Beneath the Remains

If any of you thought slayer was super fast, they're like a snail compared to this song. The acoustic intro was nice, but the song itself is just everything! It's heavy, it has great riffing. Max Cavalera's vocal is the definition of power. And like I said before, INSANELY FAST. This is sepultura thrash.

To be honest, on first listen I almost thought this was the Call of Ktulu by Metallica

The best thrash metal intro in history.

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? I Am the Enemy I Am the Enemy
? C.I.U. (Criminals in Uniform) C.I.U. (Criminals in Uniform)

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11 Attitude Attitude

What?. This is a JOKE!. This is no #2 on my list right behind Roots Bloody Roots

Great metal song! Cool music video too!

Not a bad intro, and an amazing song - gemcloben

This song is awesome
The nĂ¼ metal sepultura kicked so much more more ass than thrash, shame it inspired slipknot and crap like that

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12 Orgasmatron Orgasmatron

It's a great cover, but it's originally by Motorhead. - IronSabbathPriest

13 Mass Hypnosis Mass Hypnosis

The guitar solo is just brilliant.

The pure thrashiness along with the nice instrumental middle make one of the best Sepultura songs around.

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14 Slave New World Slave New World

While way too short, this is an awesome tune. This certainly is a 2:55 of pure enjoyment. I just don't see why this isn't in the top ten.

This one compares with the best of em! Come on my people. Rocks!

Should get a better position in this list. Top 10 for sure

The speed is awesome

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15 Primitive Future Primitive Future

This song makes the album go out with a bang!

16 Symptom of the Universe Symptom of the Universe V 1 Comment
17 From the Past Comes the Storms From the Past Comes the Storms
18 Stronger Than Hate Stronger Than Hate V 1 Comment
19 Propaganda Propaganda

Honestly best song they have. It's like a better version of raining blood

One of my favorite Sepultura tracks. Top 5 for sure.

One of the thrash songs I've ever heard... Thumbs up!

What a song deserves to be in top 10

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20 Cut-Throat Cut-Throat
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1. Troops of Doom
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1. Roots Bloody Roots
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3. Troops of Doom

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