Top Ten Best Serbian Movies

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1 The Trap

A great movie to show what happens when 1. People don't have health insurance 2. Doctors are as poor as the poorest 3. People have to have money and leave their own country for their health care. 4. Jobs don't have benefits and workers don't have money. The rich will suffer just like the poor.

2 The Marathon Family

One of the greatest movies!

3 Who's That Singing Over There
4 When I Grow Up,I'll Be A Kangaroo

This is the greatest betting-house comedy ever!

5 Balkan Spy
6 Sky Hook
7 Tito And Me
8 When Father Was Away On Business
9 Strangler vs. Strangler
10 Absolute Hundred

The Contenders

11 The Wounds

One of the best Serbian movies

12 A Serbian Film

One of the better shocks out there


Needs to get banned everywhere. - Ananya

Serbin Movie?! This is not Serbian and this definitely is not movie. This is BLASPHEMIC GARBAGE AND SHAMELESS TRASH with title that should be banned. Pseudo actors, psycho director and all the crue be shame for next 1000 years.

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13 Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
14 Hadersfild
15 The Meeting Point
16 Balkanski Spijun

Ilija Cvorovic is called by the secret police to routinely answer questions about his neighbour, businessman who had returned from the West. After that talk, Cvorovic is convinced that his neighbour represents the greatest threat to national security and begins his own surveillance operation against the innocent man.

17 The Elusive Summer of '68

One of better Serbian movies - BorisRule

For the young man who lives in Serbian province town, the maturing coincides with the turbulent political events of the year 1968.

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