Top Ten Best Serj Tankian Songs

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1 Empty Walls Empty Walls Cover Art

Agreed with most people here. This is by far the best song by Serj. It's also the very first song I've ran into, But I've always listened to the singer's music for a really long time while in System Of A Down. Thumbs up for this song.

The best song he has ever sung. It is just amazing and has every aspect of music required to make the song an amazing hit and work of art. Easily the best song he made

This song is simply the best song composed by Serj Tankian.

It brings so much sorrow.

His songs are really awesome.

His voice is just perfect and sings this specific song with such passion. It absorbs you like no other.

2 Sky is Over Sky is Over Cover Art

Serj did not leave System of a Down. They are working on a new album now that they hope will be the new System of a Down for this generation! Be happy because System of a Down is still going strong! 2012

My favorite song by Serj Tankian! Should be number 1. Empty Walls is a great song, but a little overrated.

I think it's the best!

Best song by Serj...

3 Harakiri Harakiri Cover Art

The music video is just... A kick in the ribs, its amazing and depressing about how we in the end are committing harakiri ourselves by destroying the world and war is killing each other.

The song and the music video for it are simply amazing. Reminding us how we are committing harakiri due to war and pollution.

Simply Amazing! A really good song from the new album. Serj overdid himself this time

Hands down THE BEST song not only on the album, but of all of Serj's songs.

4 Money Money Cover Art

Money is an amazing song! So good. In my honest opinion, this is one of my favorite songs by Serj Tankian of all time. Should be at least in the top 5. If you haven't heard this song yet, give it a listen!

Really cool song. Should be in the top 3 at least. One of his best songs ever! The music video for this song is one of the best music videos I've ever watched. Vote for this awesome song!

I think this song is his best song ever! Also, the music video is really good. I recommend Money to all of you who are fans of Serj's solo stuff but have never heard this song.

Such genuine lyrics about today's so-called leaders.
If you don't get it, watch the video. There's a reason why the video got banned.

5 Gate 21 Gate 21 Cover Art

Gate 21 and its rock remix are both just incredible. Empty walls and sky is over are awesome too. I had heard empty walls on the radio but could never find the name of the song and years later I finally found it and discovered who serj was and that he had music and then I realized he was the singer of my favorite band! I'm obsessed with him and System of a Down and I even went to their concert in albuquerque! Some people don't understand the lyrics to System of a Down's music. I'm only a 16 year old girl but I tell people their music is open to interpretation which is the best part of System of a Down!

This is honestly the best piece of music he has ever created. I'm a huge System of a Down fan, I've listen to all there albums and all of Serj's solo albums in their entirety. In my opinon, this is in the top 5 of either, easily. Epic. If you haven't heard it GO LISTEN.

This song is so well written and executed. His live performance was perfect. This is by far his best solo song in my opinion.

It's a freaking good song seriously, serj tankian is making a very good music. A good harmonic part in this song.

6 Cornucopia

This is my favorite song by him. I think it should be in the top 3. Please vote!

This song reminded me about System of a Down... Very remindable, I like System of a Down concert, so I don't want to pass this

This song is extremly catchy! And is a very good opening song for harakiri

7 Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Cover Art

The eerie meaning behind the song and behind the music video created for this still gives me chills today. Empty Walls strongly resemble qualities Serj used in System, but this song is no doubt very odd, unconventional, and so damn amazing. "... Broke her little bones on the boulders below, and when she fell, I, smiled... " "Take my hand and let's end it all. " Powerful stuff

Honestly, it's my favorite song by him. It's just so catchy, Serj's singing is amazing as always, the instruments are really good, and the lady who does background vocals sounds good as well.

8 Chop Suey! Chop Suey! Cover Art
9 Deafening Silence Deafening Silence Cover Art

Very awesome song! Definitely one of my favorite songs by Serj Tankian. My favorite song on Harakiri.

This is my 3rd favorite Serj song, only behind Money and Sky Is Over.

10 The Unthinking Majority The Unthinking Majority Cover Art

Of all the songs he's written, this has the best, deepest lyrics, the best melodies, and above all, really reminds me of his old System of a Down songs. (also the video is bad-ass)

This sing is fantastic! I can't don't listen her! It's my favorite sing but I love everything of his sings!

This song is awesome it gets me pumped just listening to it this song ALMOST made the happy that S.O.A.D split up

Great song. Empty Walls is his best song, but this one is a close second.

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11 Left of Center Left of Center Cover Art

Why isn't this on the top tens? This song is so amazing. I don't know how gate 21 got on the top tens but this is just an amazing song an should be higher

Love it. Won't call it best but still its awesome

12 Straight Out the Gate Straight Out the Gate Cover Art
13 Revenga Revenga Cover Art
14 B.Y.O.B. B.Y.O.B. Cover Art
15 Saving Us Saving Us Cover Art

It's amazing, both lyrics and music. Its deep and honest, and it fills you with thoughts about life, and humanity..

Easily their best song. Give it a listen before voting. You'll see it automatically reach the top 5

What the hell is this? 13th? Top 3 for sure, simply stunning.

16 Toxicity Toxicity Cover Art

The city toxic

17 Beethoven's C*** Beethoven's C*** Cover Art

Great song. This is possibly my favorite song on Elect the Dead.

18 Butterfly Butterfly Cover Art

This song is awesome! From the new harakiri album!

19 Blue Blue Cover Art
20 Aerials Aerials Cover Art

Life is a waterfall. Let it fall.

21 Feed Us Feed Us Cover Art

Very cool and powerful song. Classic Serj vocals

22 Borders Are... Borders Are... Cover Art

I'm surprised this isn't in the Top 10. It has such a great tune and deep meaning as well. Such a great song

This song features on his new album Imperfect Harmonies so it is not well known, but it really deserves to listen to it because it has a great message

23 Bubbles Bubbles Cover Art
24 Ching Chime Ching Chime Cover Art

This song ROCKS! It is a very unique song with a VERY catchy tune. And by the way, this song is calles Ching CHIME not Ching Chang.

25 Honking Antelope Honking Antelope Cover Art
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