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21 Deserving?

Most underrated song ever

22 Elect the Dead

Very underrated track. It's definitely one of my favorite songs from the album.

This is truly an amazing song. Here's my ranking of Elect the Dead:

1) Sky Is Over
2) Empty Walls
3) Money
4) Lie Lie Lie
5) Elect The Dead
6) Baby
7) Saving Us
8) The Unthinking Majority
9) Beethoven's C***
10) Feed Us
11) Honking Antelope
12) Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition

23 Reconstructive Demonstrations

Best song on the album, besides Gate 21. 40th place?! Seriously? This quite frankly should be at least top 10.

24 Blue
25 Occupied Tears

I really like this track. One of his best songs in my opinion. Occupied Tears should be a little bit higher on the list.

After empty walls this song is the best song of serj

Deep lyrics
Awesome vocal

Nice one, serj... !

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26 Forget Me Knot
27 Figure It Out

Let's figure it out! Awesome song! It should be a bit higher, honestly.

28 Yes, It's Genocide
29 Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Only #25? This song is amazing, the lyrics are on point, the instrumental is awesome and chilling and the song itself shows Serj's vocal capacity. Underrated - andreitudose09

I thought this track would be higher up, the song is so different from the norm it sounds awesome,It conveys a message people are hesitant to say something about.

30 Reality TV

What can be better than this song? This song should seriously be on at least 19 or 20, >.< Song is so bloody addicting

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31 Wings of Summer
32 Distant Thing
33 Electron
34 Artsakh
35 Gratefully Disappeared
36 Miso Soup
37 Fears
38 Uneducated Democracy
39 Peace Be Revenged
40 Beatus
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