Best Seven String Guitars

The Top Ten Best Seven String Guitars

1 Ibanez RGA7
2 ESP ltd EC-407
3 Dean Razorback 255
4 ESP ltd V-307
5 Ibanez XG307
6 Schecter Damien Elite
7 Ibanez RG7321FM
8 Manne Ventura Nightaxe
10 Schecter Omen Extreme

The Contenders

11 ESP LTD EX-307
12 Schecter Hellraiser C-7
13 Music Man John Petrucci 7
14 Fernandes Revolver 7 Baritone
15 Washburn Sonic-7
16 Epiphone Korina Flying V
17 Epiphone - Les Paul Classic 7
18 Jackson RR-7
19 Dean ML X7
20 Ibanez RG7620

Best guitar ever made I wish I had one Ibanez is probably the best selling 7 strings in the world in my opinion RG7620 is the greatest thing ever made Ibanez should start making them again so I can have one

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