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61 Hero

As Seen on YouTube - Bruce Lee Video! Great Song!

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62 The Rim
63 Fall
64 Aggression

Throwing you over the edge...

65 Karma

Ok... This proves that ALL Sevendust songs are aweswome. Karma should be way higher rated. Same with Prayer and Headtrip. All good

66 Prayer
67 Scapegoat

Cold day memory wasn't their best album but I think a lot of folks missed this song. It rocks and is definitely top 20 or so.

68 One Life

People... vote this up! I'm upset I had to add this myself! This song is incredible. Deserving of top 15 I think.

69 Honesty
70 Dark Am

What is this song doing in the 70th rank?

71 Nobody Wants It
72 Walk Away
73 Under
74 Clueless
75 Here and Now
76 Murder Bar
77 Sorrow
78 Confessions (Without Faith)

Catchy but still heavy

79 The Wait

The only song ever written, by any artist, that literally brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. Phenomenal music and lyrics that strike you right in the heart and soul. It's tied with Waffle for me at the number one spot.

80 Cold as War

Hidden gem off Black Out The Sun. Highly catchy and deep lyrics make it one of 7D's best!

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