Top 10 Best Shadows Fall Songs

The Top Ten

1 The Light that Blinds

The first song off of the War Within album and the first song you should ever check out from Shadows Fall. I love how the song opens with that beautiful acoustic peice then out of nowhere comes this crazy solo. Definitely their best song ever.

fast, well made and awesome. also on guitar hero. great song.

Just plain Awesome! The intro is memorising and the first guitar solo at the start it just amazing. The Song never fails to start me headbanging.

2 Redemption

This song is legendary in my opinion. When I listen it I listen again every time. This song isn't just screaming in case of other metalcore songs. It's Just Beautiful - Emrecan

the solo in this song is nasty, jon donais is an amazing guitarist

3 Fire From the Sky
4 Deadworld

Early shadows fall is far and away the best stuff. They rereleased this song but the original EP version is better. Along with First Noble Truth, this is one of the best recordings they've done.

5 Casting Shade
6 Embrace Annihilation
7 Destroyer of Senses
8 The Unknown
9 Revel in My Loss
10 What Drives the Weak

Should be in the top ten. Has awesome guitar riffs and vocals!

The Contenders

11 Of One Blood
12 Burning the Lives
13 In Effigy
14 Root Bound Apollo
15 A Fire in Babylon

This song has really good intro and solo. It's total masterpiece - Emrecan

the solo makes my spine quiver everytime

16 Another Hero Lost
17 Lead Me Home

Best acoustic instrumental I've ever heard in my life, so beautiful. - wolphert

18 Still I Rise
19 Lost Within
20 Forevermore
21 Thoughts Without Words

Shadows Fall classic. Fast, thrashy, heavy, powerful, epic, melodic, and a fantastic solo. Not sure how this managed to end up so low on the list. Even below Casting Shade, which is love, but it's only an interlude, not a full song.

Are you kidding me...25?

22 To Ashes

The bass and rum intro is just killer and the song lyrics are so beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes every time. This is definitely in the top 5 Shadows Fall songs

23 Final Call
24 Ghost of Past Failures
25 Those Who Cannot Speak

Epic riffs and solo, absolutely the best song of SF

26 The Power of I and I
27 Crushing Belial
28 My Demise

Surprising to see My Demise so low on the list. Great melodies with plenty of ruckus thrown in, good & thrashy, just how I like it.

29 King of Nothing
30 Stepping Outside the Circle
31 Blood of Destiny
32 The Idiot Box
33 Fleshold
34 Divide and Conquer
35 Nothing Remains
36 The Taste of Fear
37 Blind Faith
38 Failure of the Devout

Sweet song, insane guitar solo

39 A Public Execution
40 Weight of the World
41 The Wasteland
42 Stupid Crazy
43 Inspiration on Demand
44 Idle Hands

The brutal intro to The Art of Balance!

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