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1 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Dilwale Dulhania is such an amazing blockbuster that not only did well in terms of box office and the entertainment industry but also in everyone's hearts. Is has a beautifully written script with the best actor in the world in the lead role performing brilliant with the B-Town rani, Kajol. They make an excellent pair and as a director, I think that Karan has explored many different and also significant genres/themes within this truly magnificent film that is designed to pull on ALL of your heartstrings.

I actually love all SRK movies, but this one is my absolutely favourite... JUST THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME

I really love this movie, it's just the best Hindi movie I've ever seen in my life, and I would like to watch it again and again.

Best of all time till the world ends

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2 Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

I love you and my dream is 2 meet with you and I want your autograph and pic with me

Awesome movie, fab concept with outstanding cast.

Love means kuch kuch hotain hain...

This Movie is in the top not on 3rd position Please

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3 Veer-Zaara

Extraordinary! Poignant story with excellent character development - All actors and actresses exceptionally talented.

I love this movie so much, the story, the songs, the feeling, and just the reason only SHAHRUKH KHAN on the movie

This movie should be number 1

Veer-zaara is all the best.oh! What an acting.

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4 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

I cried when I watches this movie and I think is the best Indian movie of all time

This is the best movie I like it

I like movie

The best moovie of the best actor.

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5 Karan Arjun

All king khan movie deserve to be on top ten I don't know how but it must

What the hell is this? How can Karan Arjun be better than Swades, Chak De and Devdas? I consider this to be the end of humanity. Why is this world full of jerks? Why, God? Why?

Salman khan looking good in this movie...

Shahrukh looking like a sporting roll

Shahrukh is the best I hate Salman the movie is best because of Shahrukh

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6 My Name Is Khan

Awesome movie, great acting. Portrays the troubles and sacrifices of an average Muslim in america after 9/11 and how the world has changed.

What a superb actor!... Most impressive role of his career!

Awesome acting. Anyone khan can't do this act suberb. But only king khan can do and done superbly. Fabulus and real story which shows the ground reality in our world.

Shows SRK is a great actor, alongside Swades and Chak De this should shut up any hater (unless they are just in denial)

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7 Kal Ho Naa Ho

The only movie that I cried after watching! This surely deserves a place in top 10

This movie really holds a special place in my heart and is the first movie/T.V. show I've ever cried too. It shows how no matter what happens, love always wins.

Every song makes your cry

Best performance by shah rukh khan and his best movie

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8 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

It is the best film of srk where it reflects the message to the couple of not making silly mistakes of doubts.

One of the best bollywood film ever

Awesome movie the climax was really heart touching dance which both expressed a cute reactions an love with each other truly... lovable film and heart touching song.

Even non romantic people will love this brilliantly made funny sweet and moving story

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9 Mohabbatein

The best of the best

Super awesome movie! Teaches us about love and all!

Amazing movie watched more than once the songs were really good

I cry whenever I watch it.. Raj aryan forever!

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10 Main Hoon Na

Best movie ever

My favourite movie number 1 movie

Its amazing and deserves to be in top 10

Aw surely top 5 because of amazing action, class comedy, perfect emotion, great music, and an awesome climax...sunil as the badass villain was also awesome

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11 Ra.One

My favorite srk movie

Shahrukh was a hero in the movie and he is a hero in real life.

Amazing movie
I love it

Shahrukh khan hero in this but shahrukh khan real life hero

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12 Dil to Pagal Hai

How could such movie be down here? This movie definitely is one of the best movie ever. SRK-Madhuri pair's sizzling chemistry in the movie is just too awesome to put it in words.

I got to know what "love" actually is only after watching this movie! I was maybe 12 at that time

Love is life this movie is the best for love

Its best movie

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13 Swades

This is my all time favorite film.this is sahrukh khan best film

Loved it very much!

This movie should be ranked higher

Best movie made by srk..this movie potrays the unique side of him..out of the civilisation, he aid those needy and poor people..truly epic!

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14 Chak De India

Its a master piece given by king khan

Best movie in Bollywood ever

It's about shahrukh khan teaching women hockey that's why I give this movie 10 out of 10

After this movie 30%hockey more selling

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15 Chennai Express

19? Are you kidding me! It broke so many records and its ranking 19?! At least in top 5

This one is awesome

Rigged this should be number one


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16 Devdas

How come not in the top tens? Great movie!

Acting is exceptional in this one, I'd argue that its his best!

This is not only one of Khan's best, but one that should be a standard for splendor and elegance in Indian cinema.


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17 Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Best movie of srk

I can watch this movie hundreds times and enjoy every seconds like the first time

You are great king khan

Very emo and heart touching movie

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18 Don 2

This is my favorite all time.

My one of the favorite movie of Sharukh Khan

Common, he plays an amazing role with twists in the movie and is the type of gangster who is always ten steps ahead of his opponents and he doesn't die saying at the end, it is not just hard to catch don it is impossible

Its the movie that matches the class of hollywood action movies

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19 Baazigar

I think baazigar is best shahrukh negative role also kajol is very talent performence

Its best of srk movies

This should actually deserve any of the top 3 spots. The story line and suspense is superb. Although he looked raw but this is one of the finest work of Shahrukh khan which is highly underrated.

The movie that made shahrukh khan period

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20 Darr

One of the rare films where shahrukh isn't funny but is almost a "angry young romantic man". His m pst powerful and emotional performance

What an acting superb

No its not nice because shahrukhan dies at last not nice at all in my opinion

Strong act in this movie and he acts differently

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21 Pardes

Arjun act fabulous.

Brilliant movie I can watch again and again...Love the romantic scenes between SRK and Mahima Chaudry the chemistry was great...Especially when she asks him if he will ever go and leave her behind and then how he enters back in to the room and nods he's head to say no such simplicity yet so beautifull

A must see movie! I have watched it over 5x and never tire of it. I said it once and I will say it again. Shahrukh movies are the best Bollywood movies.

Best movie at least come in top ten

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22 Raees

This movie was great, love SRK in negative roles

Raees is the best movie of king khan

It should broke many records...

Its gonna break all record...

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23 Dilwale

So so so amazing movie! I love it! Dilwale rocks babe!

This is an AMAZING movie. It's got everything in it; drama action love and comedy. I have been watching this movie almost 2 times a day. It si this awesome. Whenever I think about watching a movie this comes to my head immediately. I love this movie

Dilwale Is such a amazing climax film.

Dilwale is my seventh best movie. It is a great comedy movie. It is an awesome movie.

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24 Fan

Great performance. Shame Indian audience do not appreciate different plots! You do not need singing around trees to be a good movie!

I saw this film it was absolutely amazing

It will be the best movie of 2016

My favorite movie

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25 Don

I loved this movie. And Shahrukh even in a negative role is hard to hate.

The perfect sequel

How does ra one get a better ranking than this.

The film which I saw and Srk became my favorite actor. I don't have words for the movie, I mean how can someone do so nice acting

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26 Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

Another great movie and performance by Shahrukh. I read somewhere that Shahrukh thought this was his best performance.

This movie shows the innocence of acting, and is top 5 of his performances ever

SRK's most underatted movie... This movie shows his talent... - broken_skull

27 Dil Se

Why is this movie #43? It was definitely one his best movies to date, even though it hadn't gotten the mist attention. It had touched on serious topics and had a gritty tone, which a lot of his other movies had lacked.

Such an amazing story! Top 10 for sure!

Best movie. Best music and way ahead of its time.

A very good movie. Sad but very well made movie.

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28 Army
29 Happy New Year



This is one of my favorite Shahrukh movies. Funny and entertaining. I love the music in it too. This one is also one of my 12 year ago led nephews favorite of SRK movies. Every once in a while he asks to put the DVD of this movie on. My teenage niece thought it was one of the funniest movies she's ever seen.

Brilliant awesome wonderful good best acting 26 not at all in 1it should be

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30 Baadshah

Baadshah is a superb comedy movie. I love Shahrukh acting in this movie.

It has the best comedy by Shahrukh Khan

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. SRK is very funny and cute.

This is the best movie I liked it so...much I love you Shahrukh

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31 Deewana

Super duper hit movie

It was a good movie but I like second half of the movie better with Shahrukh. It was a better match with the young female role with Shahrukh than with the older actor who looked like he could be her father. I mean he is a good actor too but she looked a lot better with Shahrukh.

I hate rishi kapoor looking like Divyas father not husband she looked great with my love my Shahrukh

Deewana gives boost to srk in film industry

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32 Paheli

Very entertaining movie. This is one of my brothers favorites. Every once in a while he borrows the DVD.

It was a great movie

Great movie... awesome acting by Srk & Rani... it's a very nice to see Srk & Rani new avatar

I love this movie a lot...superb movie..great movie...srk-rani was outstanding

33 Koyla

Great movie. Sometimes sad. But again Shahrukh at his best.


Best movies

Koyla is the best movie at least come in top 20.srk is king of Bollywood

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34 Asoka


Very good movie. Can't help but love Shahrukh and his movies. Amazing.

Best Movie of all time

I love srk...all times best movies

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35 Maya Memsaab

What the hell does anyone know this movie of srk

good movie

36 Anjaam

Anjaam best movie in negative role of srk

This is one the best movie because is movie me srk ekdam alag aur hatke andaaj me he kaha wo cute aur kaha ye daravana vijay agnihotri


37 Billu

I loved this movie! Great acting, story and music. I loved the way it ended.

I like its songs so much.

So nice..would watch it again

Great movie...also good acting by irrfan khan...

38 Krazzy 4

All movies' of shahrukh very good

39 Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif is an English actress who works in Hindi films. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics for her acting prowess, she has established herself in Bollywood and is one of India's highest-paid actresses.

xxx ah

40 Kabhi Alvida Na Kahena

Awesome emotional..and superb acting.

41 Ashoka

One of srk's best movies



42 Yes Boss

Very enjoyable movie. I hated his chauvinist womanizing boss. Can't help but fall in love with Shahrukh.

It's nice movie don't feel boared good movie

Best movie of srk simple and great

Shahrukh acts completely natural here and does o overacting. He excels at being the lovable Rahul. He has ambitions, has struggles and plays the common man with a touch of shahrukh. The film has extremely melodious songs like main koi aisa feet gaoon. and chaand tare

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43 Dear Zindagi

A great movie with some quality acting

Nice movie I love watching

44 Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

If you haven't seen this? You're missin' out.

45 Zero
46 Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

I loved this movie should be much higher rated. Yes there were many tears, so what, great to see his emotional side. His acting as usual was phenomenal!

Very sincere and emotional

This is great love story film...

Nice movie! I mean GREAT movie!

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47 Chalte Chalte

My favorite movie.

It's a bit dramatic

What this at 45? should be in higher postion was suoerb and great I ever saw...i love this movie

I tink dis movie will be the bast ever

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48 Om Shanti Om

Should be number 1, this movie is legendary and amazing

Top 5 SRK movies ever. Plot 10/10.

This should be on top 10! I love everything about the movie

This movie should be in top 10 or 15! It was an awesome movie. First time I clapped when movie ended because was so great. Left me speechless. One of the best endings in a movie I've ever seen.

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49 Hey Ram
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