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21 Don

I loved this movie. And Shahrukh even in a negative role is hard to hate.

The perfect sequel

How does ra one get a better ranking than this.

The film which I saw and Srk became my favorite actor. I don't have words for the movie, I mean how can someone do so nice acting

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22 Pardes

A must see movie! I have watched it over 5x and never tire of it. I said it once and I will say it again. Shahrukh movies are the best Bollywood movies.

Best movie at least come in top ten

Enjoyed this movie and pairing.


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23 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Another classic movie. Shahrukh is great in any role. All the cast did a great job. Definitely a must see film.

Good movie you must see it.

It is a very good movie.

Very good acting

24 Raees

Raees is the best movie of king khan

It should broke many records...

Its gonna break all record...

RAEES is the best film of king khan

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25 Fan

Great performance. Shame Indian audience do not appreciate different plots! You do not need singing around trees to be a good movie!

I saw this film it was absolutely amazing

It will be the best movie of 2016

Best movie ever made in bollywood

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26 Dilwale

This is an AMAZING movie. It's got everything in it; drama action love and comedy. I have been watching this movie almost 2 times a day. It si this awesome. Whenever I think about watching a movie this comes to my head immediately. I love this movie

Dilwale Is such a amazing climax film.

Dilwale is my seventh best movie. It is a great comedy movie. It is an awesome movie.

Simply loved it because, well, it had Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan. And, I enjoyed the plot and especially the beautiful songs and videos, to those songs. A major hit, in the USA.

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27 Army
28 Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

Another great movie and performance by Shahrukh. I read somewhere that Shahrukh thought this was his best performance.

This movie shows the innocence of acting, and is top 5 of his performances ever

SRK's most underatted movie... This movie shows his talent... - broken_skull

29 Baadshah

Baadshah is a superb comedy movie. I love Shahrukh acting in this movie.

It has the best comedy by Shahrukh Khan

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. SRK is very funny and cute.

The pairing of Srk and Johnny lever is a class apart

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30 Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

I loved this movie should be much higher rated. Yes there were many tears, so what, great to see his emotional side. His acting as usual was phenomenal!

Nice movie! I mean GREAT movie!

I loved this movie. It's very emotional.

I think it deserves more than this..what an awesome movie

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31 Happy New Year

This is one of my favorite Shahrukh movies. Funny and entertaining. I love the music in it too. This one is also one of my 12 year ago led nephews favorite of SRK movies. Every once in a while he asks to put the DVD of this movie on. My teenage niece thought it was one of the funniest movies she's ever seen.

Brilliant awesome wonderful good best acting 26 not at all in 1it should be

This Movie is Amazing

Come on yaar it's the best of all especially the song indiawaale and nonsensical night

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32 Dil Se

Why is this movie #43? It was definitely one his best movies to date, even though it hadn't gotten the mist attention. It had touched on serious topics and had a gritty tone, which a lot of his other movies had lacked.

Such an amazing story! Top 10 for sure!

Best movie. Best music and way ahead of its time.

I don't understand why its position is 32. It is such a fantastic and ethereal movie. Would love to see SRK and Manisha pairing again after such a long time.

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33 Deewana

It was a good movie but I like second half of the movie better with Shahrukh. It was a better match with the young female role with Shahrukh than with the older actor who looked like he could be her father. I mean he is a good actor too but she looked a lot better with Shahrukh.

I hate rishi kapoor looking like Divyas father not husband she looked great with my love my Shahrukh

Deewana gives boost to srk in film industry

My favorite

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34 Paheli

Very entertaining movie. This is one of my brothers favorites. Every once in a while he borrows the DVD.

It was a great movie

Great movie... awesome acting by Srk & Rani... it's a very nice to see Srk & Rani new avatar

I love this movie a lot...superb movie..great movie...srk-rani was outstanding

35 Koyla

Great movie. Sometimes sad. But again Shahrukh at his best.


Best movies

I love srk...when I see this movie s..t hen I can fell new is the best movies

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36 Asoka


Very good movie. Can't help but love Shahrukh and his movies. Amazing.

Best Movie of all time

I love srk...all times best movies

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37 Anjaam

Anjaam best movie in negative role of srk

This is one the best movie because is movie me srk ekdam alag aur hatke andaaj me he kaha wo cute aur kaha ye daravana vijay agnihotri


38 Billu

I loved this movie! Great acting, story and music. I loved the way it ended.

I like its songs so much.

So nice..would watch it again

Great movie...also good acting by irrfan khan...

39 Ashoka

One of srk's best movies



40 Yes Boss

Very enjoyable movie. I hated his chauvinist womanizing boss. Can't help but fall in love with Shahrukh.

It's nice movie don't feel boared good movie

Best movie of srk simple and great

Shahrukh khan Acts very very very good
Good hon srk

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