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1 Rocky Blue

She is a good role model and a person to look up to

Rocky is beautiful, sweet and smart. She's down to earth, understanding and funny. I enjoy watching her. She is the perfect role model.

She is awesome never sets a bad example she is just the perfect teenager and perfect role model her parents must be so proud

Smart, funny, amazing where do I begin? She's too good for words!

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2 Cece Jones

I love Cece but what most of the people voting for rocky yea I like her but saying she is a role model is total rubbish because it's a character not an actual personality anyway I love cece cause she is confident no matter what and I'm talking about the CHARACTER

She loves dancing more than rocky. Shes up for anything.
Great dancer
And an amazing friend

I find her more funnier than rocky in the show and cece is so unique as well - ethan_grant97

I hate rocky she is boring but CECE is awesome - powerwill12

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3 Flynn Jones

For some weird reason, let's get Flynn to #1

4 Deuce Martinez

Deuce is so hot that even Selena Gomez said on one of her Disney channel interviews that she would so go out with Deuce. He does most of the jokes on shake it up and he makes them work.

He's the only good thing/ actor about this show and he is good looking.

5 Ty Blue

Try is awesome! I love his swag and he can dance a storm!

6 Tinka Hessenheffer
7 Georgia Jones
8 Gunther Hessenheffer

He is so funny I was sad when he left the show

I was little sad when he left the show. couse he was really funny, and him and Tinka are really good togetter.

9 Gary Wild
10 Marcie Blue

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11 Dina Garcia
12 Logan Hunter
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1. Cece Jones
2. Rocky Blue
3. Georgia Jones
1. Cece Jones
2. Rocky Blue
3. Flynn Jones



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