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21 Give It Up to Me

No. No. No. This song ShOuLd be in the top 10. The song and the music video are EPIC!

Except for the Lil Wayne part, I love this song.

Fantastic track. I didn't expect to see Shakira in hip hop. She's amazing - AtlasUniverse

I lovs this song

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22 Men in This Town

This song is definitely one of her best songs! It's so catchy, fantastic and the lyrics are just perfect! I love that at the end she sings a couple of lines in Spanish. So sad this wasn't a single, it would have been her next #1 on USA!

Such an underrated song! So good!

One of her best songs, but sadly unknown and under-appreciated, with the Electropop and lyrics that tell a story.


23 Did It Again

Great, fun song. Even Taylor Swift fell in love with this song.

I love this song! Especially with Daniel Cloud and Kid Cudi in the music video!

I'm surprised this isn't in the top ten!
This is definitely my fave song, it's really catchy plus loads of people can relate to it.
And you can't forget the video to it!

Really, Taylor Swift enjoyed it? See. Anyway, this song is incredible. Why 22th place?!

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24 Mon Amour

Perfect song... You have to listen it if you like Rock And Roll And Shakira's accent when she speaks French!

Woow! Only 30th? You have to listen this song if you like Rock And Roll, and Shakira's accent when she sings in French!

25 Addicted to You

So catchy... One of her best song! I'm addicted to this song!

When the song addicted to you by avicii came out, the only think I thought about was shakira

Seriously? This is the only worst song of Shakira... She's a great singer but this is the only song that is her worst.

This should be at least number two, addicted to you is my favorite song by shakira

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26 Medicine

Wow number 71? Really people? VOTE VOTE VOTE!

27 Try Everything

This song is good

I love this you shakira

I like it because it tells a good message to kids.

I like Zootopia and this song, I don't really like this song but it expresses her voice really good and it tells a good message to kids. Come on, not 50th place.

28 The Day and the Time
29 Antologia

This song gets to the core to the essence of Shakira's artistic prowess. Written at seventeen when she was in love, it reveals her poetic skill at the zenith of her craft. This song is not only her best song, it is one of the best love songs in any language, ever written.

this song is my fsvourite song

This one should be number one! Beautiful lyrics and wonderful music, always makes me cry

Best songs came from dark haired Shakira.

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30 The One

Love this song

31 You Don't Care About Me

My favorite ones

Waka waka
She wolf
La la la
Cut me deep
You don't care about me

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32 Fool

One of her best. I am surprised it was never a single

33 Inevitable

I don't now why this song is too down. this song is very good. Thanks shakira for this song

BEST SONG EVER. I love all the songs of Shakira of course, but this one is the best!

I love it. this song is n 1

I love when she's not afrad of saying personal things and sharing her flaws.

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34 Suerte

its too rocking check it out lol

Better than the English version...

It's one of the best!

35 Poem to a Horse

Best song makes me feel confident I love you thanks for agreeing to come to my party!

Should be at least the top 5

Pure and sexy rock'n'roll! Too bad people only care about dancing songs.

36 No

Shakira's best slow song. I think Shakira's amazing voice should carry this song to top 5.

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37 Animal City

I like this song a lot but unfortunately its not in the top 10

Honest song about how bitch people can be

38 Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte

Better than the English version

39 The One Thing

I love shakira and the music music of shakira but this is my best song for shakira

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40 La la La (Dare You)

Another perfect world cup anthem by the best singer ever!

Couldn't stop listening to it during the World Cup! - xXImMyOwnHeroXx

This is the best song of shakira. It should be in the top ten

0% and 83d place? Really? This song is really good. Should be in the top 10!

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