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41 La la La (Dare You)

Another perfect world cup anthem by the best singer ever!

Couldn't stop listening to it during the World Cup! - xXImMyOwnHeroXx

This is the best song of shakira. It should be in the top ten

0% and 83d place? Really? This song is really good. Should be in the top 10!

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42 Chantaje

Obsessed with this song! What a sexy duo

One of her best if not the best

It should be in top 10

Come on.. This song should be at least in top 20..i really love this song.. It just makes u happy listening to to this song

43 Ciega, Sordomuda

This song never get old

Ciega, soldomuda is number 1

44 Si Te Vas

Awesome song... Out of the hundred songs of shakira often played on my ipod, ipad and cell, this one is the most played!

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45 Tu

I don't believe this song is at number 80! I mean, hasn't anyone truly appreciated the mellifluous beauty of this classic song? It has so much feeling, so much raw, pure emotion. Simple, yet heart touching music. Also, the MTV unplugged version is perfect. Shakira herself cried at the end of the song.
This song deserves a place at least in the top 20.

46 Te Dejo Madrid

I love this song. Its catchy and the lyrics are meaningfull!

47 Despedida

This is the best song from Shakira when you consider vocals, instrumentals, emotions and lyrics. It has a great acoustic vibe, and her songs shine the most in acoustic bits.

This song is amazing. Why 43? despedida deserves more than 43. anyone know this song but I love it because her voice is so stunning...

Wonderful song where she shows all the power of her voice.

Wonderful, she should make more of this

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48 Ready for the Good Times

I fell in love with this song because it has this different taste, I just like it

I like the disco vibe of it. Real disco with a guitar for lead and electronic garnishment around that. - theOpinionatedOne

49 The Day and the Time
50 Octavo Día
51 Pies Descalzos, Suenos Blancos

I am not a Shakira fan, but admittedly this song is good. This is the only song from her that I like. The title means Barefeet, White Dreams. This is definitely her best song. - AnimeDrawer

52 Devocion V 1 Comment
53 Good Stuff
54 Loca Por Ti / Boig Per Tu
55 Que Me Quedes Tu
56 Gordita

Beautiful tune just so catchy makes you dance see it from live from paris concert

Funny Lyrics, great production and vocal performance. Amazing!

Great song, should be higher up!

I love this song!

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57 I Am Here

This is the (English Version)of Estoy Aqui. Love Shakira's voice in this song. She really expresses herself. I am glad she made an English version of the song ) - BB4

58 Me Enamore
59 Dreams for Plans

How can it be at 52? It deserves to be at least in the top 20

Look at those lyrics... how can't people really appreciate this?

60 Why Wait
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