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61 Estoy Aqui

One of my favorite songs ever! It was Shaki's first single and it was awesome choice. Her voice is so powerful here and I love brunette Shakira so much! Every woman is more beautiful with her natural hair - Irina2932

This song is a classic! I really love it

Estoy Aqui is a really good song!

I like La Tortura too! - hari7manutd

This masterpiece should be in the top 10! Just listen to this amazing song!

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62 Timor

One of the greatest songs on Shakira's Oral Fixation Vol.2. I still think "Timor" should have been released as a single, could've been a big hit - Irina2932

63 No Creo

All of you pick the most popular songs, disregarding the lyrical genius of her fourth studio album. Of that album, this is easily one of he best songs.

64 Día De Enero V 1 Comment
65 Cut Me Deep
66 La Pared

This song in 60? This list is a lie

67 Your Embrace

One of my favorite songs from Shakira. This track should have been a single. Truly wonderful song from "Oral Fixation Vol. 2" - Irina2932

One of the best songs of shakira! Just love it!

68 Pies Descalzos, Suenos Blancos

I am not a Shakira fan, but admittedly this song is good. This is the only song from her that I like. The title means Barefeet, White Dreams. This is definitely her best song. - AnimeDrawer

69 Spy (Ft. Wyclef Jean) V 3 Comments
70 Costume Makes the Clown

I'm not a virgin but I'm not the whore you think
And I don't always smell like strawberries and cream

Anything like this is bloody genius

71 Tu Boca

Great song from the album sale el sol!

72 Nothing Else Matters

For those who don't know, it's a cover of a Metallica song.

73 Un Poco de Amor
74 Long Time
75 Donde Estas Corazon

This song got her famous in Colombia? How is it not at least in the top 20 (deserves top 5 actually). If it wasn't for this one song, we wouldn't know Shakira as she is today. This list was probabley made by a bunch of greengos however, not that I can talk :(

76 Si Tu No Vuelves
77 Te Lo Agradezco, Pero No

Alejandro Sanz and Shakira are do un hate able songs

78 Spotlight

I think it deserves to be in top 3. Grow up guys...

So catchy and nice lyrics

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79 Chasing Shadows

This song should have been a single. The best track of SHAKIRA. with "Empire".

I found most of "Shakira" plain and lacking excitment, but when I heard this deluxe track... Man, she sure delivers! It may be short, but her voice sounds amazing and I love the lyrics. My favorite non-single song of the album - AZChomp644

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