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1 Triangle

The shape of a slice of Pizza

Finley's worst shape

2 Heart

The shape of love. - nelsonerica


3 Circle

The Wheel is the greatest invention for a reason. Circles are perfect. Earth orbits the sun in a big circle. The Sun and Moon are big circles. You circle important things on your calendar. Even rainbows are just part of a bigger circle. - VADERtheIMPALER

4 Star

My favorite shape! - Sugarcubecorner

5 Square
6 Diamond
7 Rectangle
8 Octagon

Oh man! with 8 glorious sides and angles? not number 1?

9 Sphere

The sphere is the 3D version of the circle

10 Pentagon

The Contenders

11 Hourglass
12 Oval
13 Cube
14 Decagon

wooo sounds like my name =P - decorulez97

15 Cone

it reminds me of ice-creams

Ice cream can't qualify as a cone, The "cone" is a waffle textured shaped, whereas actual cones are perfectly smooth and have perfectly sharp points, while their bottoms are perfectly flat and circular, so if you want to find a cone, then you can't, they don't exist. - nelsonerica

16 Hexagon
17 Rhombus

This should be in top 5 or not?!

18 Crescent
19 Trapezoid
20 Pentacle
21 Blob
22 Octahedron
23 Parallelogram
24 Polygon
25 Cross
26 Dodecahedron

I had to make a 3D one for maths homework once. Pretty awesome shape. - Wolftail

27 Grand Antiprism
28 Penrose Triangle
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1. Square
2. Triangle
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1. Sphere
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