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1 Basic Instinct

I have seen this movie on 31 July 2010. I have never seen such a beautiful and frank movie in my life. Sharon's acting was fabulous. May I have Sharon's e-mail address?

Very unique and brilliant catherine tramell. So beautiful and seductive girl.

It's a wonderful movie having sex, thrill & suspence.

Her finest without a doubt. - icthruu

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2 The Quick and the Dead
3 Sliver
4 Scissors
5 Blood and Sand

Truly an explosive movie but not for family veiwing

6 Total Recall
7 Cold Steel
8 Gloria
9 The Specialist

Sharon stone is hot in shower

10 Intersection

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11 Last Dance
12 Casino

Brilliant performance from Sharon, showing she really can act. Good cast, she showed she can do it it with the best of them.

13 Beyond the Stars
14 Diabolique
15 Action Jackson
16 Sphere
17 Basic Instinct 2
18 Badlands 2005
19 Beautiful Joe
20 Broken Flowers
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