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1 Breathless

Awesome song. I just love it. It defines the craze and passion for his love. Everyone wants a true and dedicated love in their life. The music is so peaceful and compassionate which gives a feeling to listen it again and again. I dedicate this song to my love.

My friend jokes that this is a song for pregnant women, :P... but I really think it's a very beautiful song... maybe I could grasp its true meaning when I actally fall in love... laugh out loud...

This song leaves me Breathless, touches my heart and soul and makes me go deep into its meaning, Shayne Ward does have a way with words and his voice is purely Angellic

Good song love it... But no promises should also be included in this list awesome song with awesome lyrics really fall in love with that song!

2 No Promises No Promises Cover Art

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L MUSIC! The lyric just make you have to cry for it, love for it or even die for it. What's more, it music can touch and melt every cold heart.

This song is far better than Breathless. It deserves to be at number 1 shane ward has sung it so beautifully. The lyrics r too good

This is the most touching song by shayne ward this song should be at the top of the list n not breathless... Just love this song...

Its one of the awesome love songs I've ever heard in my life...
Just loved it...
And of course awesome video...
The girl in it is just B-E-A-U-T-I-ful...

3 Melt the Snow

Lovely song, makes you listen to it again and again. Although lyrics are negative about snow, it makes you flash back to winter memories. Should be at the top below breathless.

Melody in full flow... And combined with some awesome lyrics and beautiful singing, the song easily qualifies as one of the best of romantic genre

Song which forced me to look for more songs sung by Shayne Ward.. His voice is so amazing.. What a lovely song it is.. Should be on the top..

This song is the best romantic song. This song makes so relaxed. It always remained me of my childhood days.

4 Until You

I love the lyrics so much! it helps to relive my should up in the list

It's a very sweet song. I always listen it.

Just love this song... Really very romantic song...

Great song. I always listen it when I'm free

5 No U Hang Up

"Song like no other. This song is one of the few I could listen on repeat. Shayne Ward definitely has the x-factor. A "

This song really really deserves to be at the top of the list...
It is totally awesome...
Getting mad at this song...

No promises is the best song man...
Its one of the best song I've ever heard...

Brilliant song, catchy, well sing and gorgeous Shayne x

6 I Cry

Great song this should be the first of the list
It's make you go inside your heart

I really like this song.

Yeah even I feel same

Amazing song... truly

7 If That's OK with You

Such a cheerful song to light up the day. I haven't stopped listening to it since I downloaded it.

Awesome beats and nice video... Should be at the top position. Really nice song and shayne ward is luking cool

All of his music is fantastic! I hope to hear more from him in the coming years ahead!

This is truly a wonderful song. It makes me refresh whenever I listen it.

8 Obsession

Love the song that is just the best song I have ever heard gonna love the song ever. Shayne is the best singer no doubt I love him and just want 2 say he is the best...
Lyrics get 100 out of 100 and he gets 200 out of 100. It will be on the top of the chart I am damn sure

One of the best songs I've ever had in my playlist... Just can't stop listening to it... I'm in obsession...

Heart touching song really love it

Simply amazing that all I can say

9 Stand by Your Side

I love you Shayne and always my best singer and not only this song but all ya songs keeps me stand by your side too.
Forever love ya

Love this song.. The melody and its lyrics as well... You're the best... Shayne ward

Sad song but beautiful song heart touch song

Great singer Shayne ward. & I think boss world num1 singer... My favorite singer Shayne ward. god bless you sir

10 Damaged

Wot an aweasome song, I love it... Ats number 3 and I think no promises, breathless and this song should be the top 3 then I cry

I love this song it should be at number 2 just right after breathless

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11 You're Not Alone

Love this song so much, can't believe its not in the top 5. Very touching lyrics.

Best song ever by Shane ward

12 Stand by Me

I was looking for new music, and he showed up so I listen to his songs, and now I can't stop. Stand by me, I really love this song.

What the hell is the song doing at no. 22? It should be somewhere at 3 or 4.

This song is so emotional...It should be listed no. 1

Love this song so much. Should have been number 1

13 Beautiful In White

This one is the BEST Love song I ever heard in my live. Awesome Music, so touchy meaning and cool singer. I love this song... I make it as My wedding's video opening theme song.. You guys should heard this song then vote it

If you are in love please listen this song once... !

Actually it was sung by Shane Filan.

Well it's one of the best song ever sung by Shane Filan... I love Shayne ward and he sang just perfect too:) <3 Love it!

14 Waiting In the Wings

I just love the way he sings... in all his videos can sing with his mouth wide open, yet the voice I just killing.

Deserves to be in top four with No Promises, Breathless & Obsession

It's such an evocative song of the anquish of loving someone just out of touch, fabulous voice!

Don't know why no one has voted for this...

15 Some Tears Never Dry
16 Save Me

Short but sTuNnInG!
So beautiful so enchanting... please listen to it

17 A Better Man

This one touching song I don't kwn what it is doing here top 5 best songs

18 That's My Goal

Commo'n Guys. Listen to this track. Deserve to be in top 10 list...

19 Something Worth Living For

It's the greatest song I've ever heard

20 Close to Close

I love this one more than others... this song really make me feel good..

21 U Got Me So
22 Crash
23 Back at One

This is one of the best songs...

24 Someone to Love

Can't believe this song is in the 12nd position, come on everyone vote this up!

Best song!
And also best song for marriage.
"So as long as I live I'll love you"

It s an awesome song...

25 Love Being In Love
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