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21 In My Room

Just a perfect ballad.
Their (Key, Onew and Jonghyun) voices harmonize so well and this is one of my favourite songs.
Even though this is from their first mini-album it's a song that has and will give feels.

22 The Name I Loved
23 Dazzling Girl

AHH! This is shinee's first original Japanese song and I simply ADORE ITT! Especially when shinee goes " AI! AI! AI! "

I heard the teaser and I'm already in love! SHAWOL FOREVER! Taemin

This song makes me dazzle and wonder how can some1 sing such a heart melting song

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24 View

This I by far the best song in my opinion, just so go damn good. To bad I accidentally voted for married in the music, still at least I can show my love with this comment

It's amazing like all the other songs but they have a totally new sound and they're trying something new. The vocals are amazing too. It's so catchy!

It's a very western sounding track, really catchy but not too noisy. Plus their dance to this song is simple yet fun.

Favourite of all time

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25 Stranger

Listened to it in shinee world 3. No wonder it was the first song they sang. So strong and so cute how they said LA LA LA LA. ♡Taemin

I love this song so much! X3

26 Obsession

Being a non Korean, I only understand how difficult it is to memorize all the lyrics of the language which you don't speak... But still I tried my best to memorize all their lyrics and sing along listening their songs... And actually this makes me happy more than anything.

Oh come on... I can't believe this song wasn't on the list already. This is one of their more mature songs, and I am blown away by the emotion expressed in this song.

The maturity and emotion of this song definitely makes it my favorite by SHINee. It should totally be ranked higher up than this.

Jonghyun did fantastic job with this song, too.

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27 The SHINee World

The redone version of this that they perform during their first Asia tour, where they reference their past singles, is all. That part is my favorite, it's the 2nd verse, I believe. The "Amigo! " gets me every time. When they did that version during SWII, I couldn't.

28 Keeping Love Again

I am in love with this song at the moment! I feel that this song really exhibits their 5 different voices - and then when they harmonise together you become amazed at how well they work together!

Extremely soothing and just a really good song

29 Colorful

Wow! COLORFUL! The number 1 forever I love you TAEMIN, and Key! And onew! :))) the best! SHAWOL FIGHTING! Forever! Shawols!

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30 Married to the Music

Funky and very 80's, one of SHINee's best releases so far

31 Selene 6.23

This song is really one of my favorite shinee ballads, it's too good I just can't get over it

Jonghyun composed this song and I just feel like crying when you hear it

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32 Ready or Not

To be honest, when I first heard this song, I was confused. There was a feeling that I couldn't describe. This song brought out an emotion that I can't figure out.

Then I saw them perform it live. When they started singing the chorus, jumping and spinning around, they had these looks of pure joy. I immediately began crying. This song just leaves me in such a destroyed state. I can never not cry.

This song will forever be my favorite, and the song that truly turned me into a Shawol.

Such an underrated song! One of my all-time favourites and so fun to work out to. Maybe the lyrics are a bit strong... But still great music

This song is really catchy, love it ♡

I love the verses to this song. Key and Minho are such fun rappers. The bridge is great, too. Their performance of this during SHINee World II in Tokyo (I think it was Tokyo) was amazing and hilarious, them just running all over the stage, and Jjong falling all over during the bridge, rlab.

33 So Goodbye
34 Love's Way

Another beautiful song by SHINee

35 Y Si Fuera Ella

It's Jonghyun's best solo song... Like ever. And the solo performance he did with it was even better. It's so dramatic and I can't not admire his acting/solo skills.

36 Romantic

There are lot of best songs in shinee, it is difficult to bring all inside top ten :(. Love this song

Oh, yes, this ballad is flipping on point (still voting and commenting everywhere)

I fell in love with this song, the first time I listened to it. And I still love it.
This song is amazing and will be my favorite. forever!

When I hear this I remember jongkey... This song is kind of song which I could sing over and over again I like singing~~ shawol if you haven't heard this song you should! But I'm more recommend you to watch their performance on shinee world concert

37 One Fine Day

Listening their songs just makes the day go fine or even better...

38 Electric Heart V 2 Comments
39 One

Whenever I listen to this, it breaks my heart. Such a wonderful song

The ballad song that I love the most. Show their distinctive voices.

Oh, yes, the happy/sad tears flow.

40 Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
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