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41 Life

No one seems to know this song, but it's an amazing ballad from <Lucifer>. It's so good (just like the other songs I've voted up, haha)

42 Y.O.U.

This song is so underrated which annoys me! I absolutely adore this song and recommend listening to it for all of you people out there reading the comments! Please vote for this song because it definitely is a majestic song!

43 Fire

I REALLY REALLY Love this song! I even tried hard just to memorize it's lyrics! Haha

44 Four Seasons
45 Senorita

Beautiful and well sung, the lyrics are awesome and the overall feel is stunning

46 Love Still Goes On
47 1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite...
48 Real
49 Moon River Waltz
50 Excuse Me Miss

My older brother loves this one. This and Sherlock are the main ones he listens to, haha. Excuse Me Miss jjang (let's see, which song is next? Lol)

51 Please, Don't Go

I seriously cannot believe this song wasn't on the list. It's not very known and only Jonghyun and Onew sing, but their vocals and the feeling of the song is amazing. It makes me what to cry every time I hear it, and although it's one of their first songs, I think it's one of their best ballads. I wish they would sing it more. Everyone should check this song out.

This song made me cry first time I listened to it. Check it out, fools.

52 Lucky Star

My favorite Japanese song of shinee

53 Your Number

This song is one of SHINee's best songs ever.. I like how they dance and how they look in suits.. I also enjoyed watching the MV.. It's like a mini drama.. A very romantic one

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54 Love Sick V 2 Comments
55 Note

Listen to Taemin's high & long note in this song! You'll never doubt to his skill of singing and dancing

56 Forever or Never
57 Get It

Get their all the latest songs and enjoy... On 26th April the music from their next album DREAMGIRL:the misconceptions of you is releasing from major online sites. Don't be late!

58 Hit Me
59 Aside
60 The World Where You Exist

This song is amazing. Even though it's a Japanese song I love it very much. SHINee love you forever

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