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61 Boys Meet U

This is definitely one of the best songs of SHINee. I love everything about this song! The video is so adorable and fresh

Aw, man, this song makes me so happy. I love seeing them perform it. The one during the I'm Your Boy tour at Tokyo Dome was wonderful.

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62 Queen of New York

Everyone's voices are used very well!
Minho gets the low parts (like he should) and key gets the neomu yeppeoyo part and it just sounds amazing
One of their best songs in my opinion, but the everybody album was some of their best work in general

63 Close the Door
64 Like a Fire

Yeess! So happy, this song makes me. (still here, ya'll. Waiting to see "Spoiler".)

65 Mirotic
66 Bounce
67 Orgel (Music Box)

Just go hear it. It is all (like the other songs I said that about, lol, SHINee Wae? )

It's melodically enticing. I love it.

68 Up and Down V 1 Comment
69 Get Down
70 Alarm Clock

Severely underrated song with a very interesting backing track. Definitely one of my more recent favourites

71 Dynamite

Yesss, this song is amazing! Their performance during SWIII was daepak! Key on the ground was all, lol.

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72 Best Place

Beat of place; best of SHINee. I wanted to least out at least 30 songs but I got only ten spaces to fill :-( :-(
But I hope you enjoyed.
Hwaiting SHINee we always love you

73 Wowowow

Try this song and fall in love with them once again...

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74 Your Name
75 I'm With You
76 One Minute Back

Such a cool song! Groovy and suave.

77 Destination

I heard this song for the first time when watching SWIII in Seoul. I loved it so much, though.(like everything else I've voted on. I haven't commented on everything, though, haha)

78 The Reason

This song never fails to make me cry. Lord, it needs to be higher up. (Still here, haha)

I think you are quickly pay attention thia song guys, what a beautiful guitar intro and jonghyun and onew high notes, I'm shocked.

79 U

I love Taemin's voice here. It's also an OST for my very first K-Drama, To The Beautiful You

80 Girls, Girls, Girls
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