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81 Girls, Girls, Girls
82 In Your Eyes

Another beautiful OST by Onew

I really love this song.. And I LoVe yoU choi minho

83 # 321
84 Dangerous

Come on this song is so upbeat and catchy.

85 Love Pain
86 To Your Heart

This song is one of my life's happinesses. The live is astounding. It is all so wonderful.

Yaah, this song makes my week better! This was the first Japanese song they did that I liked, ahaha (moving on to the next, rlab)

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87 Trigger

This song sounds damn hot and sexy! Love this song!

88 Can't Leave

That ballad is too good I'm gonna die

89 Alive

This song is all. It has a hard beat that perfectly complements Minho and Key's AMAZING raps. 1:55-2:33 is my favorite part (the bridge). I love how it comes right after a ballad; it just pumps you back up. Perfecto canta, SHINee. Perfect song.

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90 Farewell My Love

HECKYEAH, THIS SONG! (Still here, haha). Go listen to it, now.

91 An Encore

The lat chorus is my favorite part. Taemin's adlibs, though. I can't fully express my love for this song. (I'm still going)

92 Downtown Baby

How did we forget this one? (I would know, because I've been through all of them, lol)

93 Spoiler

Gives me chills, such a damn good song, and an amazing introduction to the album!

This song (from Chapter 2. Why So Serious? - The Misconceptions of Me) is SO AMAZING, I cannot even explain it with words. It starts out with the intro from "Sherlock" (y'know, right before Minho starts saying "SHINee's back") but just morphs into this fabulous song that includes song titles from the Dream Girl & Why So Serious? Albums. I just find that so flipping cool. SHINee jjang!

This song (actually) is from Chapter 1. Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You and is daepaak!

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94 Woof Woof

Cannot be forgotten. (Still here, I am)

95 Picasso

This song is beast. The choreo is beast. Everything is beast. Their performance during the I'm Your Boy tour @ the Tokyo Dome (I talked about it earlier, with "Boys Meet U") is so good I cannot. Taem was dancing so HARD! I love it. And they did this song RIGHT after "Evil". These boys are sick, man. I love them and this song to death.

96 Punch Drunk Love
97 Romance

Again, it's so different, like Punch Drunk Love. Romance is so fun and bubbly, I adore it.

98 Graze

It's me again, haha. This ballad it gorgeous and sad.

99 Love Should Go On
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