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21 Nunn Bush

Built like a much more expensive dress shoe, but at an affordable price!

I've never heard of Nunn bush so that's probably the reason there number 20

I got these shoes for dressing up

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22 Lotto

Very good shoes ever

Nice brand and superb shoes and my best shoes brand

Good running shoes

Nice - Shiv_Yadav

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23 KD

Very very very very good shoes, just Nike but I see a lot of people wear them.

His shoes are like air cushions in the bottom of your foot

It is very comfortable to wear and they don't wear out easy

Comfortable and good trip and good quality

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24 Dexter
25 Uggs

NO another way over priced item that people are falling for on the market. I hope one day people will realize that you don't need to pay 200 dollars to have a good pair of shoes

Uggs are very expensive, but a lot of people wear them and they are comfy and great for winter days.

Uggs are awesome but not the best, they are great for there boots. - Lilybethrocks

If you get a pair of UGGS and take good care of them they will last years I have had my first pair for 5 years and my 2nd pair for 3 years and now Looking for number 3 I Love them. I Live in Kansas and the winter weather here is COLD one day and the next day it can be warm? it is Kansas OH Heck just come Visit you will see.HAVE A HAPPY WINTER IF YOU COME TO KANSAS.

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26 Derrick Rose Derrick Rose Derrick Martell Rose is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association.

U get hurt in these

D-Rose shoes are great for basketball and they look fairly good too.

D roses should be up with adidas

Great shoes

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27 Sparx

Sparx is very good shoes looking good, comfortable, stylish, good and reasonable price, lots of selection and varietys, I like it why can't you guys.


Excellent shoe brand. Providing nice shoes in affordable price.

Proud of you sparx You and Relexo

ok shoes

28 Brunswick V 2 Comments
29 Storm
30 Timberland

Timberlands are really good boots and you should get them

My favorite shoes are Jordans these are my favorite boots...i don't got any

I love boots I think this is a great brand

Amazing quality and style!

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31 Levis

Levis are rough and they last long I think they should be at least at the top ten

Their casual shoes and really comfortable.

Levi's are stylish and comfortable!

Levi's are one of the top
Brand I
Think it should come at the top 10

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No one wants these

I've seen Fubu before there so ugly

They sell these at walmart

These are so old

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33 Catapult

These shoes suck I had a pear when I was nine and they only lasted 2 weeks

34 Woodland

Awesome shoes... But less collection

How can Woodland be so low? It is one of the best shoe brands in the world. The quality and style of shoes is just awesome!

Very nice collection.. And I really like the verities of woodland.. Keep on.

All Time Best

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35 Lacoste

I wear Lacoste shoes almost for everything... I use it for casual and sports wear (sometimes). Lacoste produces high quality shoes and good looking shoes for their consumers, and shoes by Lacoste are really comfortable to wear.

Lacoste has the worst quality shoes I've ever seen. Had a lot of these shoes because they look really nice but they break after few weeks of wearing. My personal record was 5 days!

The casual shoes design's really elegant and fully comfortable. Make me more confident..

Best looking shoes at least top 10

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36 Lee Cooper

The best quality I ever experienced

Wow nice collection

Very nice sneakers

sexy shoes

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37 Osiris

The soles on my pair got so worn down that there was literally NOTHING between my feet and the ground. I jumped down 8 stairs and absolutely CRIPPLED myself.

Good looking but mine fell apart after a month and the sole wore down to nothing.

Don't be fooled by this shoe, the sole is terrible. Asics are a way better shoe.

Good for skateboarding

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38 Airwalk

If you have these shoes never go out in public

I have My airwalk and I love to use it because its simple and durable.

Airwalk is one of the best shoes I have worn in the past.

Cheap and stylish

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39 High Sierra V 1 Comment
40 Above the Rim
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