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41 Above the Rim
42 Ecco

If your looking for something other than sneakers Ecco makes great leather shoes and boots. I also like Fracap, Lowa and vasque.

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43 Gucci

Not like gucci sandals but the high quality sneakers and dress shoes, and the same goes for clothes

i like it

44 Roadster
45 Saucony

Arguably the Best running shoes ever. The shoes are SO comfortable and amazingly stable!

Nike sucks
Saucony's the best!
For the win!
Saucony has THE BEST running shoes ever!

Such good running shoes! These shoes should be near the top.

Best running shoes. Definitely beats my Nike's and Adidas'.

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46 Campus

Is is the waste shoe. don't buy this waste shoes here after.

Hiy it is not waste you mad it is fabulous

good shoes

47 American Eagle V 1 Comment
48 Palladium

Very cute and stylish boots that last forever. Goes with a lot of outfits

49 KangaROOS

These shoe are horrible never buy these I'm just kidding I love them.

I love theme

50 Hush Puppies

It makes one of the finest Office Shoes, its genuine leather and simple designs make it strong and long lasting.

Don't buy waste of money time

The best Shoes I have ever seen and used. Who the hell commended it:s waste of money,
Before the comment think of your time spent

They are the best ozzyhite

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51 Crocs

Very good shoe brand. My crocs have lasted for 4 years!

They're really cool and relaxing shoes

I rock them to work at Panda Express!

Worst brand ever!

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52 Onitsuka Tiger
53 Creative Recreation

Legit styles. Awesome high tops

My favorite brand personally, better than converse.

Love their shoes! Found a code: timdovbush20 for 20% OFF on their site

I like the style and I'm more comfortable when dancing/performing with them^-^

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54 Cole Haan

Beautiful shoes! Amazing quality!

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55 Keds

Best shoe brand! They last long, have many diffrent styles and look great with anything! Their comfortable and pretty cheap. They should defiantly should be in the top 10 and not down here at 64.

Looks nice, cheap, nice color by the way, new balance don't mixed color together pretty well though

Own two pairs. For the past 2 years still in great shape


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56 Polo Ralph Lauren

Polos have nice shoes they are known for their clothes as well so we should recongnize their shoes they look like vans and sperrys combined that's a compliment. They are around the same price of vans and sperrys plus they have boots rainboots and snowboats which cost the same as timberlands so polo should get the respect that they deserve.

Polo is the best and is way better than next time your about to buy converse rethink it

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57 Shaqs

Horrible quality, and really ugly. I could see why they are so cheap

What the heck are Shaqs?

U people don't know how good shaqs are

What is Shaq

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58 Valentino V 2 Comments
59 Geox

Me and my friend wear it together, it is really awesome and I love their logo.

High quality shoes. Should try it.

Best shoes in the world

No more bad smell


One of the most underrated brands

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