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81 Saloman

Really good trail running shoes

Very beautiful and comfortable

So nice

82 Kyrie Irving Kyrie Irving Kyrie Andrew Irving is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.

I have a pair they are just so awesome they should be way higher up the list


83 Lakai

Great confertable and fexable and great for cuchining yo feet for skateboardig get some lakai go skate with lakai there grreeate

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84 Church's

Church's are the best and most well made shoes. Defiantly better then any of these sport shoe brands, which are all mass produced

85 Globe

Globe are really comfortable and come in so many different colours and types

Globe is awesome and comfortable they look cool as well

Very comfortable

86 Chaco V 3 Comments
87 Everlast

I love ever last they are great shoes and really comfy and they aren't so expensive like nike

Everlast for the win

I'm a nike fan ind I like SOME not all.

I thought they made undies�"�"�" - Thicc_Neeson

88 Stuart Weitzman
89 Wilson V 1 Comment
90 Guess V 2 Comments
91 Emerica V 2 Comments
92 Hogan
93 Pirelli
94 Radii

These shoes are very stylish and sells all types of shoes. They have very unique hightops just like Supra and they even own there own running shoes. Recommended to everyone

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95 Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton

I love these shoes

Because it is LV!

UM WHAT - Thicc_Neeson

96 Anbessa

best shoes

97 Sanuk

Should be lower this is my favorite brand

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98 Naot
99 Keen

These shoes are awesome

the best


Best paracord ever.

100 Carrera
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