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101 Roger Vivier
102 Huf
103 Car Shoe
104 Vlado

Vlado is not as much of an underground shoe brand as you think, many people wear this and don't spread word. These shoes exceed especially in high tops having a unique yet stylish design that stands out. They are with the price for the quality. Good for floaters (style) and have great grip for everyday things + skateboarding and dance (or other fine arts)

PS: I've had experience with many shoe brands and part of a family that takes up style on Vancouver Island

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105 Miu Miu
106 Penguin

Have amazing designs and are extremely comfortable. Penguins have so many different styles. they are the only shoe brand I buy now

107 Bearpaw V 1 Comment
108 Hummel

I've got some and they are wonderful. They look good and they are comfortable. I always wanted nike shoes but tey are much better. When I saw them at the first time... It was a love at first sight

109 Power

Are worst sole gets damaged easily and are not comfortable very bad

They just suck

110 Athletech V 2 Comments
111 Free Spirit

Worst shoe ever

112 K-Swiss

K-Swiss are awesome! No matter what kind of sports shoe it is from skateboard shoes to regular shoes like New Balance. - a684

Very comfortable very durable long lasting shoes

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113 And1

I hate them there walmart shoes

Great shoes. That's it.

I like them because they rock and so comftaerable

They da best

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114 HeyDude
115 Kalenji
116 Warrior
117 Leroy Jenkins V 1 Comment
118 Finn Comfort

Like walking on air and feel good all day. I have a fused ankle and the one shoe that gave me no pain was the Finn Comfort

119 Koby V 3 Comments
120 Coach Coach

Awesome good for running and stylish

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