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21 Supra

They have a simple cool design that isn't too mainstream!

They Have very cool designs

Dope boots, high boots

22 ├ęS
23 Ugg

Ugg's r so comfy they are so comfy you will want to wear them anywhere you go, 24/7, and when you go 2 bed.

24 Lotto
25 Toms

I LOVE TOMS! It's a great everyday shoe and it's comfortable as well, any gender can wear it and what I love about them is that the TOMS creator Blake Mycoskie has this mission where if you purchase a pair of TOMS SHOES they give one to a child in need, I think you should get them because they are for a good cause and that they are also really comfy.

26 Church's
27 Dockers
28 Superga
29 Diadora
30 Tod's
31 Alden
32 Roger Vivier
33 Doc Martens
34 T-Shoes
35 Car Shoe
36 Saucony

Excellent shoes, with great comfort. While companies like Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Reebok focus on making their shoes look cool, with fancy designs, colours, and extras (like the Adidas Springblade), Saucony focuses on making quality shoes that are actually good for your feet. They have well fitting soles, with a lot of support and padding, and are overall excellent shoes. Saucony is always my top choice, New Balance second, and Asics third.

Best shoe company ever. I only buy from saucony after asics failed. Now I've had 5 shoes in the past year.

37 Brooks
38 Onitsuka Tiger

Love their style. Some of my favorite running shoes. Great parkour shoes.

39 Bata V 1 Comment
40 Georgia Boots
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